Consumer alert issued for driver’s license scam

Consumer alert issued for driver's license scam The Driver Licensing Program of the South Dakota Department of Commerce and Regulation issued a consumer alert, warning drivers to be wary of e-mail promotions that offer for sale international driver licenses.

These scams are directed at those experiencing problems with license revocation, suspension, or high insurance rates on their current licenses.

The mass e-mail solicitations invite those experiencing problems securing a driver's license to apply through a Web site for a fraudulent international driving license. The claim is that the international driving license would allow the applicant to have a license free from restriction and clear of offenses. The applicant uses a foreign address on the application and

license, rather than the applicant's true home address.

Legitimate and legal international driving licenses recognized in international law are available, but only to holders of valid driver licenses. Legal licenses are available at a minimum of cost, usually under

The scams, on the other hand, sell fake international driver licenses at prices that can be has high as $525.

"The intent of these scams is to help persons skirt South Dakota law by providing a license that is completely clean of offenses," said Cindy Gerber, director of the Driver Licensing Program. "These schemes purport to give problem drivers a way to drive even though the driver may have a suspended or revoked driver license."

According to Gerber, licenses purchased on the Internet are not legal driving permits for U.S. citizens residing in the U.S.

Persons suspecting they have been victims of this scam should contact the Driver Licensing Program at 605-773-6883.

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