Dakota Life kicks off fifth season September 5

Dakota Life kicks off fifth season September 5 Our people, our places, our stories ? Dakota Life.

Dakota Life, a production of South Dakota Public Television, features the stories that make life in South Dakota unique. On Thursday, Sept. 5, Dakota Life marks its fifth year in a spectacular season premiere airing at 8 p.m.

South Dakota is full of history, some which is found in frames, woodwork and glass in historic homes throughout the state. Dakota Life travels to Aberdeen, Canton, Deadwood and Custer for a look at what these homes are like now, many years later.

Next, Dakota Life explores an ongoing project to preserve the newspapers of the past and examine the wealth of history Sout Dakota people have to offer.

The final segment features the town of Hot Springs, which is known for its natural springwater and also for 39 natural sandstone buildings � buildings in desperate need of repair. Dakota Life visits with a group of citizens fighting to save the sandstones.

And, at 8:30 p.m. Dakota Life revisits last year's premier featuring Ann Stanton of Deadwood, Stan Adelstein of Rapid City and Ted Blakey of Yankton.

* Ann Stanton's interest in Jewish history in South Dakota began over 30 years ago when she spotted a Jewish name on a Deadwood store.

* Stan Adelstein's Jewish grandmother came to South Dakota as a homesteader in the early part of the 20th century. Dakota Life visits with him about her struggles to maintain her faith on the frontier.

* Yankton resident Ted Blakey tells about his family history beginning with his grandfather, a slave who found acceptance in Yankton.

Tune in to Dakota Life for those stories and more at 8 p.m. CT/7 MT Thursday, Sept. 5. Encore episodes air at 1 p.m. CT/noon MT Sunday, Sept. 8. Larry Rohrer is host for this extraordinary look at people and places in South Dakota.

For more information about Dakota Life or to submit a sotry idea, e-mail Dakota Life@sdpb.org or visit the Web site at sdpb.org. For information on other public broadcasting programs, call 1-800-456-0766.

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