Legacy of Lewis and Clark celebrated Vermillion community successful in improving event

Legacy of Lewis and Clark celebrated Vermillion community successful in improving event This young dancer in Saturday's powwow near the W.H. Over Museum in Vermillion appears to be a bird taking flight as she twirls, with arms extended, to the drum and singers' music. The event was part of the three-day Lewis and Clark celebration in the community. by David Lias An event that has seemed to barely be noticed by the Vermillion community in recent years enjoyed greater public participation last weekend.

Instead of just dozens of people taking part in a limited celebration of the anniversary of Lewis and Clark's visit to the Vermillion area nearly 200 years ago, planners of this year's events can boast that hundreds of people became involved in the variety of offerings held Aug. 23-25.

The weekend was a mix of two cultures � re-enactors from Missouri visited to show the public how the Corps of Discovery lived and traveled up the Missouri, and local Native Americans shared their rich heritage.

Featured activities of the weekend included the establishment of a tipi village near the W.H. Over Museum, workshops on Native American culture, powwow sessions held Saturday afternoon and evening, a Lewis and Clark keel boat race, paddle trips by canoe and kayak on the Missouri Recreational River, and hikes to Spirit Mound on Sunday.

Mary Green Vickrey of the 2002 Vermillion Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Committee reports that 75 people took part in Friday morning's ceremonies that kicked off the celebration. Those opening celebrations including a travois and tipi raising ceremony near the W.H. Over Museum.

An estimated 400 people attended Native American workshops, dined at the food court, and took part in activities at the river Saturday.

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