Letters News stories violate McDonough's rights

To the editor:

I wanted to comment on your professionalism in the publication of the article "Police arrest Vermillion man as suspect in Paulson Murder" dated Friday, Aug. 23. Your professionalism is questionable!!!

I realize that Vermillion is not a New York City, Chicago or even Sioux Falls/Rapid City for that matter and this little town is boring, but give me a break. Yeah, this is news, however Mr. McDonough is a suspect yet you make him out to be a convicted serial killer. How many rapists and child molesters have you named in your paper, if they are convicted everyone should know who they are so they can protect their families.

This young man, thanks to you, won't get a fair trial in Vermillion, Yankton or anywhere close to here thanks to your crappy news reporting. I am not a lawyer, however I worked in the law enforcement field and I know that say (hypothetically) one person hits or beats up another person and that person walks away and dies later usually that is called manslaughter not first or second degree murder.

If he was in fact killed in his house, and it was because he fought with someone else and they beat him up, then he seemed all right and they left, that would most like be manslaughter also. If they beat him so badly and knew he was dead or left him to die then most definitely first or second degree murder.

If after all the evidence is in and this young man is found not guilty, I hope he brings a lawsuit against your newspaper for all the things you printed about his minor past; (2000) he would have been 18 years old. Someone in the police department gave out way too much information to both KSFY and your paper. His minor history that you printed has nothing to do with this accusation in question and should not be an issue.

So let's leave the information with the investigators till it is over then if he is convicted, then print his history. Newspapers all over this country abuse their freedom of speech and press rights at the expense of an individual's right to a fair and impartial trial.

He will not get a fair trial thanks to your poor reporting. You could have reported the death and said it is being termed a homicide, saying that several suspects or one suspect is in custody, then if he is convicted tell all his history.

If this 20-year-old man is innocent, which is a possibility, then you have ruined his life. Is it because he is a Native American? We all know that they are the ones who break the law, huh?

My prayers go out to Mr. Paulson's family and I hope they prosecute the right person or persons responsible. I also hope this young man, if found not guilty, gets rich off a lawsuit that you provoked with your lousy reporting. I hope you print this in your paper even though I am sure you won't.


Ron Ream


Johnson is more effective for S.D.

To the editor:

Why, if John Thune has all this influence with the president, is the president refusing to release emergency drought aid for South Dakota? Why hasn't Thune used his "clout" in Washington to get something done to help farmers and ranchers that are going bankrupt because of an unprecedented natural disaster? When disasters hit in other states, like flooding in the South or Hurricanes in Florida, or even droughts in Texas, Congressional delegations have DEMANDED emergency aid.

Instead of having influence with the White House, it seems like Thune has gotten himself the opposite. The White House has John Thune under their thumb because he needs their help to get elected, and now when he should be joining Sen. Tim Johnson and Sen. Tom Daschle in fighting for South Dakota, Thune is forced to sit and be silent on the issue.

South Dakota is clearly not a priority for the president or the White House, and if the argument for firing Sen. Tim Johnson, who has done an outstanding job of standing up and fighting for South Dakotans, and electing Thune, is that he's got clout with the president. I've seen all I need to see. Thune's argument doesn't hold water.

It is absolutely clear to me that Sen. Tim Johnson is the person most effectively working for South Dakota.


Diane Bryan

Sioux Falls

Tune in to telethon

To the editor:

Our family wants to take a moment to ask the people of Siouxland to tune in to the Jerry Lewis Telethon to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association this Labor Day weekend.

As parents of a child with a neuromuscular disease, we know firsthand the valuable assistance provided by MDA to people with more than 40 neuromuscular diseases. Support groups, financial help with medical equipment and the MDA clinic at St. Luke's Hospital are just a few of the important services MDA offers.

Most important of all is MDA's ongoing search for cures and treatments through its aggressive research program, which makes exciting progress every day.

The Telethon will be broadcast Sept. 2 beginning at 7 a.m. on KCAU TV, or can be seen on the Web at www.mdausa.or.

Thank you in advance for watching and supporting this cause. It means the world to people right here in Siouxland.


Mike and Katie Galvin

Government takes before it gives

To the editor:

After hearing and reading about all the political parties bragging about what they are going to do for everyone in the future and what they have done in the past with federal funds, I believe there should be a name change.

All federal money should be called taxpayers' money because all federal money comes from taxpayers. Therefore it should be called taxpayers' money.

Many people have forgotten that everything the government gives to people, it must first take from the people.

Norm Herren


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