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Letters to the Editor Senate Democrats fail to support policies

To the editor:

In a period of uncertain economic situations, the Democrat led United States Senate has chosen to proceed with August leave and not pass a budget amendment. This is a failure on their part to support the economy when it needs it most. By not having an amendment, spending may continue unbridled; leading to long-term deficits much like those seen during the Lyndon B. Johnson administration.

Government fiscal discipline is a key component for the best investment principle of our tax dollars. President Bush's budget proposal passed in the House; assuring Americans that his economic strategy is sound and fiscally prudent. The Democratic led Senate placed partisan politics ahead of the nation's best interest. This comes after the Senate leadership promised to act upon America's priorities. A glaring act of omission in favor of partisan politics that is unacceptable.

Concurrently, since the Senate went on leave, the Homeland Defense agency creation was stymied until the Senate is reconvened. We are a nation at war. The enemy is a nontraditional enemy capable of striking anywhere at anytime. With service members in combat around the world and our law enforcement personnel overworked, not having a central agency at least designated as the lead element can substantially hinder the war's momentum. Not since the strikes during the Korean War has such a dangerous maneuver been parlayed. Again, President Bush created the proposal, the house passed a plan but the Democrat led Senate refuses to become team players and left the action on the table.

By the way, with our senior citizens in dire need of a prescription drug plan, the United States Senate failed to act on this as well; in spite of what Tim Johnson is declaring. The plan that passed the house tri-partisan support. The Democrat led Senate again backed out of a promise, this time to one of their critical support groups; America's senior citizens.

Now Democrats are declaring that a tax raise should be instituted to facilitate a "positive economic strategy." This strategy includes returning the marriage penalty tax and denying Americans the increased child credit. This combined with the elimination of the scheduled increases to the contribution limits to IRA's and 401K's would generate substantial uncertainty in our economy. I don't believe anyone at this point could absorb a tax increase. The tax cut gave Americans an opportunity to invest their money in ways they chose; a key component of a healthy economy.

What can be done? Vote. Notice that in all instances, the House passed critical actions with bipartisan and tri-partisan support. Our Congress has the where-with-all to put party politics aside and unify behind our president during a critical time in American history. With all that experience, placing John Thune in the United States Senate gives South Dakota a voice of experience from small business and family. Had the Senate modeled the Congress, today the papers would be discussing the prescription coverage plan and who will lead the Homeland Defense Agency. Now we look forward to partisan politics and more Democrat wrangling instead of positive actions to insure a promising future for America.

Jim Larsen,


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