Lewis and Clark’s adventures on SDPTV

Lewis and Clark's adventures on SDPTV 2004 marks the 200th anniversary of Lewis and Clark's journey through what is known as South Dakota. South Dakota Public Television is gearing up for the bicentennial with short segments called Lewis and Clark Minutes. SDPTV viewers will see these segments interspersed during the viewing day.

SDPTV, with the support

of the S.D. Department of Tourism, followed the trail of Lewis and Clark, reenacting their journey. Included in the segments are excerpts from the original Lewis and Clark journals, combined with original footage to highlight some of the major events that took place along the South Dakota portion of the journey of the Corps of Discovery. Sites featured include:

* Gass Election, Elk Point,

* Spirit Mound, Vermillion,

* Meeting with Sioux, Yankton,

* Documenting Prairie Dogs, near Pickstown,

* Camp Pleasant, near Chaimberlain,

* Burning Bluffs, near Chaimberlain,

* Big Bend, near Lower Brule,

* Bad Humor Island, near Pierre,

* Meeting with the Arikara, near Mobridge and the

* Stone Idols, near Pollock.

For more information contact the S.D. Department of Tourism, 1-800-S-Dakota or travelsd.com.

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