Missouri River forum to be held at Dakotafest Aug. 21

Missouri River forum to be held at Dakotafest Aug. 21 The future of the Missouri River in South Dakota will be the discussion topic at a forum on Wednesday, Aug. 21 beginning at 1:30 p.m. during Dakotafest 2002. The forum is produced by the South Dakota State University Cooperative Extension Service and Dakota-fest. The 2002 Dakotafest is Aug. 20, 21 and 22 near Mit-chell.

Speakers for the forum include Howard Paul, acting

director of the Missouri Sedimentation Action Coalition; Dennis Davis, executive director of the South Dakota Association of Rural Water Systems and Audrey Ricketts, general manager of the South Dakota Rural Electric Association in Pierre.

Each speaker will begin with an opening statement followed by questions from a media panel. The audience will then have a chance to ask the speakers questions concerning the Missouri River and the future of South Dakota's water.

The Missouri River is rapidly filling with sediment, resulting in destruction of fish habitats, recreational activities, and potential loss of irrigation and electric power. Water systems, where over 52 percent of South Dakota's population get their water, may be seriously compromised in the future. It is estimated that Lewis and Clark Lake will lose 25 percent of its capacity in less than 20 years. Davison County Agronomy Extension Educator Ray Gosmire urged people to attend the forum, hear the facts and have their questions answered. For links to other sites showcasing SDSU's work in teaching, research and Extension, visit http://sdces.sdstate.edu

Dakotafest 2002, Dakota's only outdoor farm show, will take place Aug. 20-22 at

the Schlaffman Farm in Mit-chell, directly off Interstate 90. Parking is free and admission is $3 per person, per day,

18 and under are free. Sponsors include your local Dodge dealers, South Dakota State University and WNAX. For information on attending or exhibiting at Dakotafest, please call (800) 827-8007 or visit our Web site at www.dakotafest-.com

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