Tanager girls’ tennis team opens season

Tanager girls' tennis team opens season by Jim Prosser On Saturday, Aug. 24, the Tanager girls� tennis team played a double dual on the new courts at the Summit Center sports complex in Yankton to open the 2002 season.

�We played well for our first matches after only five days of practice,� said coach Barb Rickord. �Rapid City Stevens has one of the strongest teams in the state and it is always a good learning experience to play them. Our results in the match were less than we had hoped for since we lost 9-0 in that competition.

�To soothe the hurt, we enjoyed the win against Yankton 6-3, an unusual accomplishment for our varsity,� she added.

Singles vs. RC Stevens: Whitney Palusch (S) def. Maya Ristic 10-5; Kinsley Powers (S) def. Catherine Odson 10-0; Kelly Patnoe (S) def. Michelle Rydell 10-0; Mikala Henzlik (S) def. Tori Collins 10-1; Michelle Hogan (S) def. Deanna Russell 10-2; and Mandy Grantz (S) def. Britt Fremstad 10-0.

Doubles: Paluch/Powers def. Ristic/Odson 10-3; Amanda Helmers/Henzik def. Rydell/ Collins 10-4; Hogan/Patnoe def. Russell/Fremstad 10-0.

JV results were: Jamie Didier (S) def. Lisa Doohen 8-0; Amanda Helmers (S) def. Varsha Ramakrishnan 8-1; Dulcey Andrews (S) def. Jenna Williams 8-0.

The doubles involved pairing the three girls for three matches � all three pairs were def.eated 8-0.

Now, let�s look at the Yankton scores:

Singles � Maya Ristic (V) def. Kyna Williams 10-8; Abby Washburn (Y) def. Catherine Odson 10-4; Michelle Rydell (V) def. Holly Ehresmann 10-1; Tori Collins (V) def. Jen Muller 11-10 (8-6); Melanie Rockne (Y) def. Deanna Russell 10-5; and Britt Fremstad (V) def. Rhonda Kacena 11-10 (7- 4).

Doubles: Williams/Washburn (Y) def. Ristic/Odson 10-3; Rydell/Collins (V) def. Muller/Kacena 10-6; Russell/Fremstad (V) def. Ehresmann/Rockne 10-4.

JV singles: Jenna Williams (V) def. Patricia Lebfarth 9-7; Lebfarth (Y) def. Ramakrishnan 8-4.

JV Doubles: Sarah Otteman/Emily Hunhoff (Y) def. Doohen/Ramakrishnan 8-6.

�I felt our girls stayed in the hunt for points in all the matches. I was proud of the way Maya, Tori, Britt and Jenna (JV) were able to finish off their very close matches,� coach RIckord said. �I�m sure our team will get stronger as the season unfolds.�

Coach Rickord has 13 girls on the roster.

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