Anson Yeager’s Stories distributed to libraries

Anson Yeager's Stories distributed to libraries A newly published book by the long-time editor of the Sioux Falls Argus Leader is now available to readers in every corner of South Dakota. Anson Yeager's Stories, a two volume collection of essays and articles about the state and the region, was distributed this month to all 700 libraries across South Dakota.

A grant of $7,500 from the South Dakota Community Foundation and a matching gift from Anson and Ada May Yeager have made it possible to provide the books at no cost, and school librarians have been requested to inform the teachers in their schools of the availability of the two-volume book as a resource for student use.

The director of the project to place Anson Yeager's Stories in every library in South Dakota is Dr. Arthur R. Huseboe, of Augustana's Center for Western Studies. In announcing the South Dakota Community Foundation grant, Huseboe noted that a special feature of the cooperative project has been to offer to every fourth-grade teacher the opportunity to use a study guide, "Supplementary Resources," in the teaching of South Dakota history.

Elementary school principals have been asked to permit and to encourage the use of the study guide to complement the on-line nine-unit curriculum, The Weekly South Dakotan, prepared by the State Historical Society as an aid in the teaching of South Dakota history. The subject is currently required for all fourth-grade students in the state.

Teachers and students are now able to consult a book that in its 700 pages constitutes a unique history of this region. The book is made up of the most representative writings of Yeager in his Argus Leader columns, essays, and stories about the most important events in South Dakota over a half century, from the 1950s into the late 1990s, and about his travels through all regions of the United States and key nations in Europe and Asia.

Students of all ages will find in Anson Yeager's Stories the viewpoint of an influential writer whose successful career has been built on the belief that democratic institutions at every level demand that our citizens be able to find in their newspapers the stories and editorials that extol the quality of life here in America and on the northern plains. Yeager's stories present in every instance a much-needed positive view of life here in this place, a life that is rich in variety and � even while much is in need of correction and improvement � a life that is based on respect for American institutions as well as on the right of citizens to change those institutions.

Yeager is a much-honored writer. His investigative journalism throughout the second half of the 20th century has won him a half-dozen prestigious awards from the William Allen White Foundation, the Inland Press Association, and the Minnesota School of Journalism. In 1978, the South Dakota Associated Press named Yeager "Newsman of the Year."

The compiling of the study guide, "Supplementary Resources," was by Amber Foster, a senior elementary education major at Augustana College, under the supervision of Dr. Robert Kiner, chairman of the education department. Foster, who hails from Fairmont, MN, and who is preparing to teach middle school mathematics and kindergarten, included a course in American history and a fifth-grade practicum as part of her preparation for developing the study guide.

For further information and for additional copies of Anson Yeager's Stories, contact Dr. Arthur Huseboe, 800-727-2844, ext. 4007; fax 605-274-4999, e-mail arthur_husboe@augie. edu.

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