At Your Disposal

At Your Disposal by the Vermillion Solid Waste Department Free Disposal of Old Tires ~ Waste Tires ~ Junk Tires

If you have waste tires, the Vermillion Landfill will take them free of charge until Oct. 5. The state of South Dakota is providing one more "Waste Tire Clean Up" across the state in an effort to reduce the threat from West Nile Virus. Get rid of all waste tires now. Tires may be delivered to the Vermillion Landfill or to the Missouri Valley Recycling facility during operating hours.

The city of Vermillion Solid Waste staff wishes to thank residents for their cooperation and attention to good environmental practices. The city of Vermillion Landfill site is located four miles northwest of Vermillion. Clay County Hwy. 19 � North (approximately 1.5 miles) to Bluff Road Northwest (approximately 2 miles) � Clay County.

Landfill hours are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; May-Oct., Saturday 8 a.m. to noon.

The city of Vermillion Missouri Valley Recycling is located at 840 North Crawford Road (east end of Cherry Street; 2000 yards north) Recycling hours are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; Saturday, 9 a.m. to noon.

The landfill will be open Saturdays from 8 a.m. to noon through October.

Landfill Fees Rate Change

As of Oct. 1, the fees charged at the Vermillion Landfill will increase approximately 6 percent. Unless you haul your own waste to the landfill, you may not notice the rate change. The landfill fee is paid at the landfill gate and is only a portion of your monthly waste-hauling bill.

The last solid waste � landfill fee rate change occurred in 1995. The fee increase adjusts for cost of living and supports the landfill and recycling programs. There is no gate fee for recycling at the city of Vermillion Missouri Valley Recycling facility.

Section 11-7 of the 1975 Revised Ordinance of the city of Vermillion allows the city council to establish and change fees and service charges for the commercial and non-commercial deposits of solid waste at the landfill. The city of Vermillion provides solid waste services on a self-sustaining user basis and no tax dollars are utilized for landfill or recycling operations and programs.

The city of Vermillion does not provide waste hauling. Waste hauling is provided by local private companies and a listing may be found on the Web page under "Departments/Solid Waste."

Metals, Yard Waste, Tires and Untreated wood must be separated from MSW

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Oct. 1

Municipal Solid Waste

Commercial Haulers = Packers $36

Uncompacted/Resident $39

Minimum $15

Uncovered Loads $15

Metals & White Goods

Fluids and capacitor removed $10 per ton minimum $5.25

With capacitor and/or Freon $55 each

Yard Waste (Leaves and Grass)

Car w/4 bags $5 per ton

Pick up w/5 or more bags minimum $3.75

Single axle truck or tandem trailer

Tandem-axle trucks

Brush, trees and untreated wood

Same charges as above

Waste Tires

Car tire $165 per ton

Truck Tire (17" � 22.5") $2.25 minimum

Greater than 22.5"

Construction Equipment Tire

Petroleum Contaminated Soils (Pre-approval required)

$6.70/T plus

$100 per site testing fee

Asbestos (Pre-approval required)

$50/T plus

$25 gate fee

If buyer loads $.40 per ton

If landfill loads $.60 per ton

The landfill reserves the right to impose additional fees on loads deemed to be not in keeping with the above rates. This fee will be set in accordance with time and operations costs affected.

If you have questions visit the Web page and go to "Departments/ Solid Waste"or call (605) 677-7076.

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