Ballot question pamphlets available

Ballot question pamphlets available Voters wanting to know more about the three constitutional amendments and one initiated measure on the ballot Nov. 5 may call the office of secretary of state to request a free pamphlet, pick up a pamphlet at any county auditor's office or read the pamphlet at a library or on the Internet.

Secretary of State Joyce Hazeltine said Sept. 6 that her office has compiled pamphlets containing the pros and cons of ballot questions and the attorney general's official explanations. The pros and cons are written by proponents and opponents of the ballot questions.

Anyone wanting a pamphlet may call this office toll free at 1-888-70ELECT. Voters may also view the pamphlet on the Internet at

sos/sos.htm. Copies are also available to read at their county auditor's office or their local library. Anyone wanting a copy of the pamphlet in Braille or on tape can call the South Dakota State Library toll-free at 1-800-423-6665.

Hazeltine said South Dakotans will be voting on the following statewide ballot questions Nov. 5: Constitutional Amendment A � Constitutional amendment relating to the rights of a criminal defendant; Constitutional

Amendment B � Constitutional amendment to clarify the responsibility of the Legislature to provide for its own apportionment; Constitutional Amendment C � Constitutional amendment extending the time allowed for the governor's review of legislation passed by the Legislature; Initiated Measure 1 � measure adopting a law relating to industrial hemp (cannabis).

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