Borders is new county Extension educator

Borders is new county Extension educator April Borders brings an extensive background in agriculture to her new job as Clay County Extension educator and agronomist. by David Lias A Yankton woman with an extensive background in agriculture is a new educator at the Clay County Extension office.

April Borders, who grew up on a cattle ranch in Montana and studied horticulture at Washington State University, is concluding her first week on the job here.

"I'm looking forward to working in Vermillion," she said. "I feel it is vital to keep local producers up to date so they can utilize the most current information to their advantage. I'm looking forward to working with the upcoming Farmer's Market and also helping with urban agriculture."

After receiving a bachelor of science degree in horticulture, Borders worked in agri-chemical research. She tested the effectiveness of pesticides on a variety of crops.

"Our lab was also in charge of 10,000 acres of potatoes from the family farm," she said. "I helped with all aspects of potato production.

While in college, she helped her father raise alfalfa from seed, and design and establish shelter for leaf cutter bees.

She worked part time for four years as an Extension horticulturist at the University of Wyoming. She moved to Yankton about four years ago, and assisted 4-H programs there.

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