Doctor Seeks To Dismiss Plea In Case

Doctor Seeks To Dismiss Plea In Case OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — A doctor who pleaded guilty to operating a health care fraud scheme in Kearney and Sargent sought to have her plea dismissed in court Thursday.

Rajitha Goli was to have been sentenced in U.S. District Court and faced a year in federal prison, but she took the stand in her own defense. She said her original lawyer, James Martin Davis, intimidated her into reaching a plea agreement.

Goli said the attorney told her if she went to trial she would lose because she was from India and people would not understand her accent.

??I'm not usually a really shy or nervous person but when my attorney tells me I would not be a good witness…it was scary,'' Goli said.

Goli said she thought she was only pleading guilty to one count on billing errors, not to the entire indictment. Nor did she know there would be restitution involved in the agreement, Goli said.

Davis also took the stand, disputing Goli's accusations. Goli received adequate representation and understood the plea agreement, but she was manic, uncontrollable and a liar, Davis said.

??You have to doublecheck everything she tells you,'' he said.

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