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Extension Review by Virginia Delvaux Clay County Extension educator Every occupation has its stressful times, and agriculture is no different. Some of the reasons farmers or ranchers and their families experience stress are beyond their control � high input costs, low market prices, loans coming due, machinery breaking down, livestock diseases and bad weather.

Family stress can be defined as a real or imagined imbalance between the demands on the family and the family's ability to meet those demands. Stress can cause families to worry, to feel anxiety, depression, and sadness. Understanding the symptoms of stress, learning to identify family stress sources and alternative ways to handle the stress, can also help strengthen family members.

The SDSU Cooperative Extension Service has released 15 different Extension Extras that deal with family "Stress" subject matter. If you would like copies of any or all of the publications contact your local extension

office, or you may obtain copies from the Extension Service drought information Web site at http:// sdces.sdstate.edu/ drought/.

Pamphlets you may ask for are Number l � Stress and the Farm or Ranch Family, Number 2 � Stress and the Farm Marriage, Number 3 � Recognizing and Addressing Your Child's Fears, Number 4 � Recognizing and Addressing Your Teen's Stress, Number 5 � Childhood and Adolescent Depression, Number 6 � Adult Depression, Number 7 � How to Talk to your Children about Unemployment, Number 8 � How to Talk to your Children about Money Problems, Number 9 � Farming and Ranching with your Children or your Dad, Number 10 � Taking care of your Nutritional and Physical Needs, Number 11 � Stretching your Food Dollar, Number 12 � The Family Meeting, Number 13 � Health Insurance: Is your child covered?, Number 14 � Just for Kids � Watching the News, and Number 15 College bound and Stressed Out?

Eleven Clay County 4-H members will be heading to Huron this weekend (Aug. 31 and Sept. 1) to compete at the S.D. State 4-H Horse Show. This year the State Horse Show will be a two-day event instead of the traditional three days. This is because the committee has been able to add an additional show ring.

4-H members will participate in showmanship, equitation, trail, reining, roping, western riding, barrel racing, pole bending and driving competitions. Members can also participate in youth in action events such as: horse judging contest, hippology contest, and demonstrations and quiz bowl.

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