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FSA Notes by Keith Zanter Farm Bill Info. Meeting

7 p.m.

The Clay County FSA office will be holding an additional informational meeting on the new Farm Bill at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 26 at the 4-H Center in Vermillion.

Power of Attorney Forms

New Form

New procedure from the new Farm Bill does not allow the office to use the current power of attorney form to enable them to sign on behalf of their owner(s) and relatives, etc. for any program authorized by the New Farm Bill.

This will affect a great number of owners and operators in Clay County. Letters were mailed the first part of September to all power of attorney grantors advising them of this change. Once the letter is received, we encourage affected producers to review their documents and contact the FSA office to update or make any desired changes.

Please note: The grantor must sign this new power of attorney in front of a Notary or in person at an FSA office. The office cannot take a power of attorney form if the grantor signs the form at home and the grantee (spouse) later delivers the form to our office.

Beef Cow Feed Assistance Program Sign Up

Agriculture Secretary Ann M. Veneman announced the sign up for the $150 million feed assistance program to help cow-calf operators in Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming and South Dakota.

This assistance for farmers and ranchers will help them maintain their herds during this time of adverse weather. The program will be available through December second of this year or until the available funding is exhausted.

Eligible livestock include owned or leased beef cows, replacement heifers and bulls kept for breeding of the foundation beef cow herd. Replacement beef heifers bred to calf during the 2002 calving season are not to exceed 15 percent of the foundation cow numbers. The producer must certify the number of eligible livestock, which must have been owned since May 12.

Beginning Sept. 9, FSA will begin providing participating feed dealers with the names of eligible producers and their total amount of feed credit. The feed credit, which is $23 per head of eligible livestock, can be used to purchase feed at the participating FSA approved feed dealers or suppliers.

A recent clarification has been made to which types of feed a producer may purchase with their feed credit. To use the feed credit the processed feed must contain nonfat dry milk.

Extension to CRP Haying and Grazing Deadline

Emergency CRP haying and grazing was originally set to end on Aug. 31. However, because of the continuing drought, the deadline was extended to Nov. 30.

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