Hooks and Shots

Hooks and Shots by South Dakota Great Lakes Association Anglers are reminded that the 15-inch minimum length limit for walleye on Lakes Sharpe, Francis Case and the Missouri River below Fort Randall Dam downstream to the South Dakota/Nebraska border became effective again on Sept. 1. The year-round regulation of one walleye of 18 inches or longer per angler per day remains in effect on these waters.

On upper Lake Oahe, in the Pollock area, fishing is good north and south of Pollock Bay. Most walleye being caught are over 15 inches and are found in less than 12 feet of water. At Mobridge, from the bridges north to Rogo Bay fishing is fair. Near Gettysburg, a fair bite is going in Whitlock Bay with evening being the best time to catch fish. Crank baits or a spinner/crawler combination are working best in these areas.

On lower Lake Oahe, anglers work most of the day to catch their fish. Live bait presentations in 14 to 55 feet of water works best. Most walleye are in the 13 to 16 inch range.

Salmon fishing is rather slow at the face of Oahe dam, but when you hook a salmon averaging 7 to 15 pounds you have fun! Anglers are using a flasher with a squid to catch salmon. Catfish are being caught in the bays and smallmouth bass are being caught at the face of the dam.

On Lake Sharpe, from Pierre to West Bend there is a fair to good bite going. Anglers are using crank baits early in the morning and live bait the rest of the day. Catfish are being caught in the Tailrace along with smallmouth and white bass.

Fishing on Lake Francis Case is spotty, but with the return of cooler weather is should pick up again.

On Lewis and Clark Lake, near Springfield, anglers are catching walleye and catfish. Below the dam, catfish along with white and smallmouth bass are being caught.

To obtain up to date information on the status of conditions of the Missouri River boat ramp sites, visit GFP web site at www.state.sd.us/gfp/boating/rampconditions.htm.

Hunters take note � the 2002 Hunting Handbook is now available. You can see www.state. sd.us/gfp/ or call 605-773-3485 for more information.

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