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Letters to the editor Business not connected to political sign

To the editor:

The management of The Vermillion Dairy Queen was as surprised as some of its customers by the appearance of a large politically specific sign on the fence behind their establishment.

Since the proprietors have considerable business sensitivity, they are very aware that any strongly partisan social or political display by a community supported enterprise is entire inappropriate!

However, as The Dairy Queen does not own any of the bordering fence as it lies outside its property line, it can not directly control what may appear on it; particularly with respect to the sign-bearing part that is recessed several feet to the south of the D.Q. pavement.

Although our dumpster was soon placed in front of the sign, it fortunately was removed as mysteriously as it had disappeared.

Dennis Whipple

Vermillion Dairy Queen

Johnson supports state's veterans

To the editor:

As a Vietnam War combat veteran, I know that I can count on Tim Johnson to stand up for veterans in Washington. With today's budget crisis in VA hospital funding. Johnson has introduced legislation which would require full funding for the VA budget. Instead of taking the crumbs off the bottom of the federal budget, vets would get the respect we deserve, and promises made would be kept.

Right now, veterans making new appointments at the VA literally are often facing one year waits to see a doctor. This is not the way our country should treat those that have serve America. With his position on the Senate Appropriations Committee, Sen. Johnson is committed to ensuring that veterans health care is a priority in Washington. I am proud to support Tim Johnson because he stands up for South Dakota's veterans.


Jim Sanden

Sioux Falls

Johnson working for veterans

To the editor:

I am writing this letter as the South Dakota Disabled American Veterans (DAV) State Awards Committee Chairman. Our organization would like to thank and recognize Sen. Tim Johnson for the work that he has done representing the interests of South Dakota's veterans. The DAV recently presented Sen. Johnson with our "Outstanding Veterans Advocate of the Year" award, and on behalf of all veterans statewide, we would like to thank Sen. Johnson for all the work he has done on behalf of veterans for health care funding, and for his tireless service for those of us who served our country.

As many will know, the current funding situation for Veterans Administration clinics is a crisis, and the VA budget is constantly facing a yearly appropriations struggle, just to get sufficient operations funding. Right now, new patients at VA clinics in South Dakota are often given an appointment date to see a doctor that are more than a year away. Health issues cannot wait a year, nor should they, and this delay can exacerbate a patient's health problems.

Most citizens would agree that America should keep the promises made to those who risked their lives serving our country. Forcing veterans to wait a year to see a doctor is not in keeping that promise. Sen. Johnson is truly committed to working for veterans. Using his position on the Senate Appropriations Committee, he has fought for increased funding for South Dakota's VA clinics, and he has introduced landmark legislation that mandates the full-funding of veterans health care.

Johnson is a true friend to veterans and to all South Dakotans, and the DAV is proud to honor him for his outstanding work in Washington.


Roger Andal, Commander, Chapter One

Disabled American Veterans (DAV)

Sioux Falls

Keep Johnson, Daschle in Senate

To the editor:

The main reason that John Thune is running for Senate is because the White House talked him into it, because the White House wants to knock Tom Daschle out of his Senate Majority Leadership position.

This week brought good news for South Dakota because Tim Johnson and Tom Daschle were able to pass the emergency drought aid that they have been fighting for in the Senate.

Much of the reason that drought relief passed in the Senate is due to Johnson's leadership role in pushing for the legislation, and Daschle's ability to set the agenda.

Johnson's drought bill passed overwhelmingly in the Senate with 79 votes supporting, and 16 votes against.

One of the votes against drought relief for South Dakota was Senator Trent Lott of Mississippi.

If John Thune is elected Senator, it could likely mean that Lott would lead the Senate instead of Tom Daschle.

It is unlikely that Lott would have allowed drought legislation to come to a vote.

Now tell me how this would help South Dakota?

We need to keep our team of Tim Johnson and Tom Daschle working for us in Washington.


Simon Ferrel


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