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Letters to the editor Newly formed PTA needs support

To the editor:

There have been a number of unsuccessful attempts in past years to form a local PTA. However, there now exists a PTA in the Vermillion Schools. This newly formed PTA is in need of support from all parents and school personnel. On behalf of the board of education I encourage all parents to become actively involved with the PTA. Educating your children is the most important work we do, and we all need to work together to be effective.

Please consider attending the PTA kickoff on Sept. 16, 7 p.m., at Jolley Elementary School.

Tom Craig

School board president


Alderman explains reason for vote

To the editor:

The city of Vermillion recently completed a series of budget sessions dealing with requests from outside agencies in Vermillion. I am writing to clarify a motion that will appear in the public record regarding City Council action on Aug. 20.

The minutes in the public record will show me as voting "no" to fund the W. H. Over Museum at $10,000 for 2003. I voted "no" to the $10,000 motion because I was in favor of funding their original request of $12,000, as it appeared in he city proposed budget for 2003. I was in the minority, and the majority vote was to cut $2,000 from their request and fund them at $10,000.

I am a strong supporter of the W.H. Over Museum and all that they do and offer for the community of Vermillion. Unfortunately, there is never enough public money to do all the good that is needed in our city, and the council is faced with many tough budget decisions. I did not want readers to misinterpret the reason for my no vote on this issue.

Thank You

Yours truly

Dan Christopherson

Alderman, Central Ward


Thanks for helping at fair

To the editor:

The Meckling Livestock 4-H club give Virginia, Colleen, and Ron a big thank you for all their help and support for the 2002 Clay County Fair and Achievement Days! Your efforts made the fair a great success. A special thanks to Ron for helping even though you're retired!

Meckling Livestock

4-H Club

Suspicious of tobacco settlement

To the editor:

The schools in South Dakota are struggling because the main support for the schools comes from our property taxes.

We voted in the lottery in belief it would help fund our schools. We also have money from the sale of the cement plant and the tobacco settlement. Where has that gone?

Our governor has supplied little support for our schools. All we have received from him is open enrollment and threats of consolidation, which has hindered the situation instead of helping.

Now suddenly in the last term and just before the election, Bill Janklow is going to supplement the tobacco settlement money to help the schools.

Has this been done because Bill Janklow wants to represent us in Washington, D.C.?

Gloria Henriksen


Thune should sign pledge

To the editor:

I am one of the co-chairs of the South Dakota Coalition Against the Privatization of Social Security. I am writing because I am concerned about recent news stories about John Thune campaigning with the president of a group called 60 Plus, talking about Social Security.

I think it is important that your readers understand that this 60 Plus group is funded by the pharmaceutical industry, supports risking Social Security in the stock market, and has referred to Social Security, which more than 110,000 South Dakota seniors count on every month, as "an antiquated relic."

I want to be clear that the coalition that I represent is focused solely on opposing the investment of Social Security in the stock market. Directing Social Security into the market absolutely means a cut in benefits for South Dakota seniors, and could mean raising the retirement age. The fact that John Thune is willing to stand with the president of this group is very disappointing to us, and should say something to South Dakota seniors worried about the future of their guaranteed Social Security benefits.

Our coalition has taken a firm stand against privatization, and asked South Dakota candidates to sign a pledge promising to protect the guaranteed benefit of Social Security, and oppose efforts to partially or fully privatize Social Security. There is only one federal candidate in South Dakota who has refused over and over again to sign our pledge and that candidate is John Thune. John Thune claims to be opposed to privatization, yet he refuses to sign a pledge that simply states that fact, and the voters of South Dakota need to understand that.

If John Thune truly opposes risking Social Security in the stock market, we ask him yet again to sign our coalition's pledge stating that opposition. South Dakota voters deserve to know where their elected officials really stand.


John McIntyre

State Senator, District 12

Sioux Falls

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