Local Bank, Customers Target Of Scam

Local Bank, Customers Target Of Scam MITCHELL — An alert customer of First National Bank South Dakota foiled a telephone scam that promised him a $1 million prize.

The scam artist falsely identified himself as a representative of First National Bank South Dakota through a company called Newport Group. First National Bank South Dakota is not associated with the Newport Group in any way.

The telephone caller indicated the bank customer had won one million dollars, but to collect the prize needed to send a certified check in the amount of $1,000 to an address in Vancouver, British Columbia. The customer was told he would receive the funds by Sept. 21.

Area authorities in Mitchell, Huron, Woonsocket, Sioux Falls and Yankton were alerted to the scam, and the South Dakota Bankers Association sent out an alert to all member banks. The South Dakota Attorney General's office was also notified.

First National Bank South Dakota reminds all banking customers to be wary of these types of calls and take good notes. The Mitchell customer was alert enough to collect a great deal of information helpful to the follow-up investigation. Also, report any suspicious activity to the Attorney General's Division of Consumer Protection at (800) 300-1986.

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