New DMV form protects vehicle sellers

New DMV form protects vehicle sellers A new form available from the Department of Revenue, Division of Motor Vehicles will help reduce liability issues for people selling their vehicles to other individuals.

The Seller's Report of Sale allows sellers to voluntarily file new purchaser information with the Division of Motor Vehicles. By submitting the form, the seller is notifying the division that the vehicle has been sold and ownership is being transferred to the new owner. Debra Hillmer, director of the Division of Motor Vehicles, says by filing the new form, sellers will have some added protection if anything happens to the vehicle after the sale.

"There have been situations where one person sells their vehicle to another person and there's an accident or a parking ticket issued to the vehicle while the new owner is driving or moving it after the sale. If the title hasn't been transferred to the new owner yet, the seller may be contacted concerning the incident," Hillmer said. "By filing this form as added proof that the sale has occurred, sellers can possibly avoid that liability."

Hillmer says sellers have always been able to file the new purchaser information with the Division of Motor Vehicles; the new form simply makes it easier to do so. She advises owners to keep a copy of the notice for their own records as proof of the transfer.

The Seller's Report of Sale form is available at the local county treasurer's offices or by contacting the Division of Motor Vehicles at 605-773-3541. It can also be downloaded from the Department of Revenue's Web site at www.state.

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