Richard Stene announces candidacy

Richard Stene announces candidacy Richard W. Stene announced this week he is a candidate for commissioner representing District 5, which includes Brule, Spink, Emmet, and Prairie Townships and also the city of Beresford in Union County.

Stene is a candidate on the Independent ticket. He lives on a farm homesteaded by his grandparents over 125 years ago. He has been active in the auction business for over 40 years and is also a licensed real estate broker, which permits him to appraise and manage property. Stene said he believes that it would be a benefit to the constituents of District 5 to be represented by someone like him who has knowledge of property values and county government.

Stene also has worked at livestock auction markets for over 40 years. He is presently associated with the Canton Livestock Market at Canton.

He has lived on the family homestead in Union County his entire life except for three years in the United States military service. Stene and his wife, Jeannine, are parents and have raised their five children on the homestead in Union County.

Remember to vote Tuesday, Nov. 5. If you are not registered you can do so until 15 days before Nov. 5. Also, you can vote absentee until Nov. 4.

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