School Comments

School Comments by Dr. Robert Mayer The staff of Vermillion School District is working on a school improvement plan which focuses on improving student performance. This plan was developed as a result of analyzing data collected from SAT9 achievement tests, Dakota Assessment of Content Standards, Stanford Writing Assessment, district writing assessment, and curriculum alignment surveys.

Briefly stated the improvement plan is designed for students in grades 2, 4, 6, 8, 9 and 11 to improve performance so that 60 percent of them will achieve proficiency status. The areas designated for improvement are math, reading comprehension, listening skills, language skills, reading vocabulary and spelling.

Student test scores are categorized into four areas: below basic, basic, proficient and advanced. The district's goal is to have 60 percent of the students in either the proficient or advanced category. Such a goal will be difficult to achieve especially in the first year, but staff will continue to strive for successful completion of our objective.

The school improvement plan is more detailed than can be printed in this article. Anyone desiring a detailed copy please call 677-7000 and we will send you one. Or stop by the office at 17 Prospect Street.

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