Sophs Bounce Sioux City North

Sophs Bounce Sioux City North SIOUX CITY –The Yankton's Sophomore Bucks defeated the Sioux City North 15-0 Thursday night in Sioux City.

Dan Sternhagen scored Yanktons first touchdown of the night on a 6-yard run in the third quarter. Tanner Cornay ran in the two point conversion for 3-yards. Nick Dawson scored the Bucks second touchdown on a seven yard run, on a Sternhagen kick.

Leading the offensive side was Sternhagen who rushed for a total of 58 yards. Dawson was not far behind running for 57 yards. Kyle LaCroix ran for 48 yards and Matt Sayler ran for 43 yards. Jesse Ekren led the defense with 12 tackles and one fumble recovery. Tyler Johnson, Ben Lambert, and Tyler McVay each had one fumble recovery for the night. Jared Schrempp and Ian Powell each had a pass interception for less than 10 yards.

No statistics were made available at press time for Sioux City.

The Bucks will face Bon Homme JV on Monday at Crane Youngworth Field.

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