State receives $1 million Internet Child Safety grant

State receives $1 million Internet Child Safety grant Gov. Bill Janklow said South Dakota will be able to better protect children against porn-ographers and other sexual predators who lurk on the Internet with the help of a $1 million Internet Child Safety grant from the U.S. Department of Justice.

The grant will be used by the Internet Crimes Against Children enforcement unit (ICAC) that Janklow started last year. The unit works with local law enforcement and the state Attorney General's Office in investigating and prosecuting Internet crimes against children. The unit also makes public presentations to raise awareness about the threats facing young people on the Internet and steps that families should take to better protect children against Internet criminals.

"We will continue to make sure our computer forensics investigators are highly trained and have the best hardware and software in their lab to do their jobs well, and we'll keep providing our expertise, free of charge, to any law enforcement agency in South Dakota," Janklow said.

Janklow made the announcement at a national computer crimes meeting being held in Sioux Falls, and said he was going to share the grant award with the Minnehaha County Sheriff's Office.

"Sheriff Milstead has been involved with our Internet crime efforts since the beginning, and Mike's made a commitment to help us in our fight, so I'm giving his office $150,000 to hire an Internet crimes deputy for three years," Janklow said.

To date, the state ICAC has opened more than 150 investigations and searched 91 computers. The unit's work has resulted in 18 arrests.

ICAC investigators have also given education presentations across the state to school staff, law enforcement agencies, church congregations and to the general public. A schedule of upcoming public presentations is available at the ICAC Web site:

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