Tanager tennis has a 3-6 setback by Yankton

Tanager tennis has a 3-6 setback by Yankton by Jim Prosser On Tuesday, Sept. 19, the Tanager girls' tennis team entertained Yankton for a repeat match of their 2002 season.

"This was a very good match for us. In spite of the loss, all the girls played their best tennis of the season, and had fun playing. That is all I ask of them," said coach Barb Rickord. "The doubles teams all played exceptionally well and Maya looked strong and confident at #1 singles."

Here are the varsity results: Singles � Maya Ristic (V) defeated Kyna Williams 10-1; Abby Washburn (Y) defeated Catherine Odson 10-5; Jennifer Muller (Y) defeated Tori Collin 10-6; Jessica Mathison (Y) defeated Michelle Rydell 10-6; Melanie Rockne (Y) defeated Deanna Russell 10-3; and Lindsey Wilcox (Y) defeated Britt Fremstad 10-2.

Doubles: Ristic/Odson (V) defeated Williams/Washburn; Rydell/Collins (V) defeated Muller/Mathison 10-7; and Rockne/Wilcox (Y) defeated Russell/ Fremstad 10-6.

JV singles: Sarah Buehl (Y) defeated Varsha Ramakrishnan 6-3; Lauren Bushong (Y) defeated Jenny Bremer 6-1; Lisa Becker (Y) defeated Lisa Doohen 6-2; Sarah Roetman (V) defeated Patricia Leibfarth 6-3; Emily Hunhoff (Y) defeated Lisa Doohen 6-2; Rhonda Kucena (Y) defeated Jenny Bremer 6-1; Jime Schultz (Y) defeated Varsha Ramakrishnan 6-4; Lisa Becker (Y) defeated Sarah Roetman 6-4; and Roetman (V) defeated Buehl 6-4.

JV Doubles: Lauren Buehl/Emily Hunhoff (Y) defeated Doohen/Bremer 6-1.

"All the JV players are showing improvement with each match," coach Rickord said. "Sarah had an excellent performance, winning our only two JV matches."

The final JV team score: Y-8; V-2.

Each year Jaycee organizations throughout the United States sponsor a Punt, Pass and Kick competition. The Vermillion Jaycees are holding theirs on Sunday, Oct. 6 at the football field to the north of the Vermillion Middle School. Registration begins at 1:45 p.m. and competition will start at 2 p.m.

Punt, Pass and Kick is a free competition sponsored by the Jaycees, the National Football League and Gatorade. It is open to all children between the ages of 8 and 15, with the groups being divided by age and gender. Nationwide this event draws over 3 million youth each year.

Participants are scored on the distance and accuracy of the three skills, punting, passing and kicking from a tee, for a combined total score, which determines the winner for each group.

Winners are those in each age and gender bracket with the highest overall score from the three events. In addition to trophies, the first place competitor from each bracket of the Vermillion event will also qualify to compete in the Sectional Punt, Pass and Kick competition to beheld in Hartford Oct. 13.

Winners from sectionals will be qualified to compete in regional competition which is generally held at half-time of one of the NFL Sunday games. Winners from the regional competition go on to compete in the NFL Gatorade Punt, Pass and Kick Finals which is held during the play off games.

The Vermillion Jaycees are proud to host this event, however it wouldn't be possible without the many wonderful donations and prizes that we receive from local businesses.

If anyone wishes to volunteer their time or has any questions, feel free to contact Linda Hawley at 624-2291.

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