Tanager tennis team loses two at Brookings

Tanager tennis team loses two at Brookings by Jim Prosser The Tanager girls� tennis team faced some of the tougher AA teams in the high school ranks at the Brookings Invitational on Friday, Sept. 13. The weather was threatening rain but the matches against Watertown and Rapid City Central were in competition before the showers came and rained out the rest of the matches (Brookings and RC Stevens).

The competition was really close in the Central�s match with the Tanager girls unable to win any singles matches, but two in the doubles. Maya Ristic lost to Ashley Waltman 4-8 in a close match and Ristic/Odson scored a 8-6 win over Walman/White. Also, Russell/ Fremstad defeated Perryman/Lucy Duke 8-5.

The rest of the singles results were: Marjorie White defeated Catherine Odson, 8-1; Teanna Aduddell defeated Michelle Rydell, 8-5; Tanya Shepersky defeated Tori Collins, 8-2; Kelly Perryman defeated Deanna Russell, 8-4; and Yashrecka Hug defeated Britt Fremstad, 9-8 (8-6).

The Tanager loss in doubles was Aduddell/Shepersky defeated Rydell/Collins, 8-4.

The only wins in the Watertown matches came from #1 Maya Ristic in singles where she defeated Jenna Bakke 8-6; and the doubles matches had Ristic/Catherine Odson defeat J. Bakke/Sarah Wiesner, 8-6.

Other singles match results were: Meggie Gough (W) defeating Odson, 8-4; Alla Clemen (W) defeating Rydell, 8-1; Colleen Woldt (W) defeating Tori Collins, 8-0; Lauern Saylor (W) defeating Russell, 8-1; and Tegan Bakke (W) defeating Fremstad, 9-7.

Remaining doubles results: Woldt/Gough defeated Rydell/Collins, 8-1; and Clemen/T. Bakke defeated Russell/Fremstad, 8-5.

�The girls always look forward to playing in Brookings,� coach Rickord said. �The weather cooperated long enough for us to complete our first two matches, but not Rapid City Stevens and Brookings. These AA schools are a good learning experience for us and push us to improve. None off the girls were overwhelmed in their matches and that�s encouraging. Britt at #6 singles and Ristic/Odson at #1 doubles are looking strong.�

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