VHS girls’ tennis is 1-1 in triangular

VHS girls' tennis is 1-1 in triangular by Jim Prosser On Tuesday, Sept. 17, Madison hosted its triangular involving the Vermillion and St. Thomas More high schools. Here are the results of the VHS/St. Thomas More dual.

Varsity singles: Maya Ristic (V) defeated Fiorina Oddo 8-0; Melissa Basham (ST) defeated Catherine Odson 8-3; Michelle Rydell (V) defeated Mackenzie Walsh 8-0; Tori Collins (V) defeated Sarah Herman 8-1; Deanna Russell (V) defeated Miranda Fees 8-2; Britt Fremstad (V) defeated Gail McIntyre 8-0.

In a JV match, Brenna Wells (ST) defeated Jenna Williams 8-0.

Doubles: Ristic/Odson (V) defeated Oddo/Basham 8-4; Collins/Rydell (V) defeated Walsh/Herman 8-5; and Russel/Fremstad (V) defeated McIntyre/Wells 8-4. Team scores were V � 8, St. Thomas More � 1.

"St. Thomas More is a young inexperienced team, but they gave us some good doubles matches," said coach Barb Rickord. "Our score against Madison didn't indicate any improvement since we last played them, but I definitely feel that most of the girls played better and came away more satisfied with their matches. Tori and Deanna at number 4 and number 5 singles showed much improvement."

Singles: Maya Ristic (V) defeated Anna Oswald 8-0; Emily Johnson (M) defeated Catherine Odson 8-2; Traci Gabrielson (M) defeated Michelle Rydell 8-5; Jennifer Anderson (M) defeated Tori Collins 8-5; Tara Gabrielson (M) defeated Deanna Russell 8-4; Amber Oftedal (M) defeated Britt Fremstad 8-0.

In JV exhibitions, Jenna Williams lost to Kayla Debilzan 8-0 and lost to Allison Jarrett 8-1. She defeated Kelsey Campbell 8-3.

Doubles: Oswald/Traci Gabrielson (M) defeated Ristic/Odson 8-3; Johnson/Anderson (M) defeated Rydell/Collins 8-4; Russell/Fremstad (V) defeated Johnson/Jarrett 8-3.

The varsity final score was V � 2, M � 7.

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