Yankton Liberty Garden To Be Dedicated Sept. 11

Yankton Liberty Garden To Be Dedicated Sept. 11 By Lisa Chamley A patriotic patch of roses, ornamental grass and a tree at the intersection of Fourth and Douglas will be dedicated as a Liberty Garden during a small ceremony on Sept. 11.

In addition, Gov. Bill Janklow will appear at the dedication.

The Liberty Garden has been the project of Keep Yankton Beautiful, an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, Inc., a nationwide nonprofit organization.

Denise Wubben, a member of the KYB board of directors, said their organization has been working on the garden since last fall.

The garden was made in the shape of a flag, with a cement star in the middle that holds a flag pole.

"We'll have a flag flying at all times," she said.

Stan Hoffart, horticulturist for the City of Yankton and a member of KYB, said roses were chosen because they are America's national flower.

The red roses chosen have good color and an appropriate name.

"I picked them because they're a fabulous red," said Hoffart. "They're called ?Hope for Humanity.'"

White roses alternate with the red roses for the striped portion of the American flag design, and blue fescue, an ornamental grass, has been planted to represent the field of stars.

At the north end of the garden, a burr oak tree has been planted. Oak is the national tree, and burr oaks are native to the area, Hoffart said.

An engraved piece of stonework, donated by Luken Memorials, lies at the foot of the garden.

Wubben and Hoffart said the community response to the project has been fantastic. Many of the materials have been donated outright or given at a reduced rate from local businesses.

Besides the donation by Luken Memorials, Action Lawn is donating sod and K-Mart gave a reduced rate for planting materials. Volunteers have put in a lot of hours, especially Hoffart, Wubben said.

Just weeks after the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001, Keep America Beautiful began urging communities around the nation to install Liberty Gardens as a "special place of natural beauty," to "honor those that perished and reaffirm principals of freedom and liberty on which our country has been built," according to released information.

The term "Liberty Garden" was chosen because it is reflective of Liberty Trees, the trees that sheltered patriots as they met more than 200 years ago as they planned the birth of the United States of America.

The Liberty Garden dedication ceremony will begin shortly after 10 a.m. on Sept. 11 at the Liberty Garden, located at the intersection of Fourth and Douglas. Local officials, including Mayor Charlie Gross and representatives of law enforcement and emergency services, will be present.

A portion of the Yankton High School Band will be present to play the national anthem and "God Bless America," and the ceremony will include raising the flag.

The public is invited to bring lawn chairs to the ceremony.

To contact Lisa Chamley, e-mail her at lchamley@yankton.net.

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