According to Coyote is coming to USD Nov. 12

According to Coyote is coming to USD Nov. 12 The Mixed Blood Theatre of Minneapolis, MN, will present its wildly entertaining play According to Coyote at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 12 in Old Main's Farber Hall on The University of South Dakota campus in Vermillion.

A collection of American Indian legends and stories suited for all ages, the performance is sponsored by the Tiospaye Student Council, TRIO Programs, and the Institute of American Indian Studies at USD.

The performance is free and open to all ages. For additional information, contact Meg Quintal, Institute of American Indian Studies, at (605) 677-5209


About Coyote

A full-throttled anthology of tales featuring the legendary hero of American Indian lore, According to Coyote is also an unforgettable encounter with the richness, vitality and sensibilities of Native American culture. Playwright John Kauffman, of Nez Perce, and German descent, was founder of the Red Earth Performing Arts Company, an all-Indian theatre in Seattle.

He is the recipient of many acting and directing awards, including an Emmy for his performance in The Indian Experience.

In According to Coyote, Kauffman gloriously employs age-old techniques of music, dance, magic, and narrative to bring to life this brave/foolish/sneaky/ wise character in all his guises: Coyote the Creator, the namer of animals and bringer of fire; Coyote the Trickster, conniving for an advantage that usually backfires on him; and Coyote the Teacher, from whom lessons of humility, wisdom, and humanity are learned.

Raine Hokan, the talented actor featured in According to Coyote, is a member of the Red Lake Ojibway Nation and a veteran of many Twin Cities' theatre productions. Hokan majored in Theatre Arts at the University of Minnesota-Morris and is a published poet and award-winning spoken word artist.

The play is directed by Susan Olson whose techniques trace back to her training and experiences through the line of the creator of these Coyote stories.

The theatre is dedicated to the spirit of Dr. King's dream and is a multi-racial, non-profit theatre company founded in 1976. Its commitment to promoting cultural pluralism and individual equality through live theatre has earned the company a national reputation for excellence and a Tony Award nomination for significant contribu-

tion to American theatre.

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