Between the Lines

Between the Lines by David Lias Over $90,000.

That's the goal the United Way of Vermillion hopes to achieve in its 2003 fund-raising campaign.

At first glance, this seems to be, well, perhaps a bit too ambitious of a plan.

Let's face it. The economy isn't exactly purring right now. And $90,000 is a lot of money.

But that amount pales in comparison to the needs of various segments of the Vermillion community � needs that the United Way helps alleviate.

We know it's a bit more difficult these days to feel secure about investing money, whether it be with a charitable organization like United Way, or a big corporation.

From Enron to

Martha Stewart, and, yes, in some parts of the country, even the United Way, there have been unsettling stories of bloated bureaucracies, greed and corruption.

We've all heard about all the money wasted by former national United Way of America President William Aramony.

Although his actions were reprehensible and he's now serving a seven-year sentence in federal prison for them, the amount of money he misappropriated was only a very small part of United Way of America's total budget.

United Way agencies for 2003 include Big Friend/Little Friend, Center for Children and Families, Clay County Child Protection Team, Clay County Rescue Association, Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Dakota Senior Meals, Friends of the W.H. Over Museum, Senior Citizens Center, Sioux Council Boy Scouts of America, Sioux Trails Girl Scouts Council, Sioux Valley Vermillion Home Care/Hospice and Visiting Nurses Services, Vermillion Public Transit, Vermillion Area Arts Council, Vermillion Red Cross Swimming, Vucurevich Children's Center, Lutheran Social Services Consumer Credit Counseling and Mental Health Counseling, Vermillion Girls Softball Association, Vermillion Special Olympics, the Welcome Table and the Imagination Library.

United Way of Vermillion is joining United Ways across the state of South Dakota to offer the Dollywood Foundation's Imagination Library in their communities.

All children from birth to their fifth birthday who live in or whose parents/guardians work in Clay County are eligible to benefit from the program through United Way of Vermillion.

We urge Vermillion citizens to not hesitate when asked to make a pledge to the United Way of Vermillion.

It is an investment that historically has always had a very high return as the United Way positively change lives in the community.

This is a breakdown of how the funds raised by the United Way of Vermillion are allocated: Caring for children � 25.4 percent; caring for families � 21.6 percent; caring for seniors and special needs � 19.6 percent; caring for education and culture � 13.8 percent; administration � 9.2 percent; caring for health � 8.7 percent; and campaign � 1.4 percent.

United Way's recent success in Vermillion is due, in part, to local restaurants that have helped kick off the fund-raising campaigns for several years now.

Local restaurants who helped get this year's money-raising effort off to a good start include Back 9 Grille, Burger King, Candy Bouquet/Olivia's, Chae's, Cherry Street Grille, Coffee Shop Gallery, Dairy Queen, Domino's, Hy-Vee Deli, Bakery and China Express, King Sea, Little Italy's, Main Street Pub, Marj's Place, Mexico Viejo, Pizza Hut, Recuerdo's, R-Pizza, Silver Dollar, Subway, Taco John's, USD Campus Dining, Whimp's and Hart Beverage Company.

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