Care center residents make special deliveries to newborns

Care center residents make special deliveries to newborns Thanks to the individual efforts of volunteers, a local business, community group and the residents of the Sioux Valley Vermillion Care Center, all infants born at the Sioux Valley Vermillion Hospital are presented with a special gift � a hand-crafted miniature cradle filled with special items.

Upon news of a new arrival in the hospital, a group of residents of the Sioux Valley Vermillion Care Center deliver a cradle to the newborn and mother. The cradle is always a welcome gift and very much appreciated by parents.

"The cradle will be a cherished keepsake for Paige and the gifts inside will be of great use as well. We appreciate the care and thoughtfulness that were put into these gifts," said Tresha Yerger, mother of Paige, recent recipient of a care center cradle.

The cradles themselves have been a result of volunteer efforts from a number of individuals in the community. Early this year, Marion Kryger offered his woodworking services for projects that might be needed around the care center. Kathy Van Kley, activities director and volunteer coordinator at Sioux Valley Vermillion Care Center, suggested that Kryger might create some type of wooden box that the residents could decorate and put gifts in to bring to all the newborns at the hospital.

The residents have always enjoyed walking to the hospital to view the newborns and the idea of providing a gift to the babies was something the residents were very excited about. The very next day, Kryger returned to the care center with a perfect replica of a miniature baby cradle. Taking the project one step further, as a member of the Vermillion Lions Club, Kryger asked the group if they would be interested in sponsoring the project in part by providing the material to construct the cradles.

The Lions Club provided the funds necessary to make 80 cradles. Herren-Schempp Building Supply also took part in the project by providing paint for the cradles. Blankets, booties, and caps have been hand made and donated by several members of the Vermillion community to fill each cradle.

"This has been such a wonderful project and has far exceeded our initial expectations. The residents have taken great pride in making the cradles and look forward to personally delivering them whenever possible. Occasionally, the parent of the infants will bring the baby out for the residents to hold. Holding the babies and counting their toes sparks memories of when the residents were themselves new parents," said Van Kley.

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