Cub Scouts begin exciting new year

Cub Scouts begin exciting new year Vermillion Cub Scout Pack 165 is gearing up for an exciting new year of scouting activities and events. Cubmaster Kent Osborne and Pack 165 den leaders have been working together to rejuvenate Vermillion Cub Scouting and introduce scouting to a new group of boys.

In this year's Sept. 12 School Night, an annual recruitment event to scouting, Vermillion Pack 165 provided a fun activity for each boy and provided necessary information to parents. Forty-three boys in grades 1-5 joined the pack on School Night. Although this is the typical recruitment event for Cub Scouts, boys are welcome to join scouting at any time.

Tiger Cubs, boys in first grade, are the youngest group of Cub Scouts, and normally make up the largest group on School Night recruitment. Twenty-four new Tiger Cubs signed up, and Brandi Westergaard, Audrey Eichelberg and Cindy Osborne stepped up to the plate to act as leaders for these newest scouts.

Wolf Cub leader, Emery Wasley welcomed three new boys. This is the pack's largest group of boys after three groups combined into one den this year. Bryan Enos, Bear leader and Assistant Cubmaster, has another large den of third-grade boys, but welcomed six new Cubs on Sept. 12.

The Webelos, grades 4 and 5, which typically sees the fewest sign-ups each year, had their largest recruitment increase in several years. Ten new Webelos joined the pack on School Night. Webelos 1, the fourth-grade boys, are beginning a two-year program; Webelos II, the fifth-grade boys, will graduate from Cub Scouting in February 2003, and will then be eligible for Boy Scouts. The fourth-grade, Webelos II, boys will meet with new leader, Chuck Beckman; the fourth-grade, Webelos I, boys meet with leaders Julie Hammontree and Onna Bartlett or Shelley Joines and Tate McCann.

At the scouting season's first pack meeting on Sept. 17, all dens came together to welcome new scouts, enjoy a night of fun and activities and to graduate last year's Tiger Cubs to the Wolf Cub program.

Graduates recognized were William Getzin, Forest Skilbred, Christian Wasley, Dylan Clark, Anthony Leber, Nicholas Stewart, Thomas Walker, Carl Rarick Joseph Mazoor, Alex Robertson, Nick Irvine, Stephen Steinmetz, Tyler Haukaas, Zachary Nicks, Heath Pederson, David Day, Jacob Schliesman and Colin Olson.

September's theme in scouting is "Blast Off." In celebration of this theme, each Cub Scout made a medallion name tag and participated in the Moon Walk and Space Race games. Scouting families were also informed about several upcoming events and activities.

including the Trail's End Popcorn Campaign, Scout Day at the Zoo Oct. 5, Webelos' Fall Camporee Oct. 12, Tiger Fun Day Oct. 26 and the Dakota Days Parade Oct. 12.

Any boy interested in joining scouting, or any adult willing to assist in providing quality program to the boys, is encouraged to call Kent Osborne, cubmaster, at 624-8369.

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