Department of Revenue updates state’s electronic tax filing system

Department of Revenue updates state's electronic tax filing system Beginning Oct. 1, taxpayers are finding the South Dakota Department of Revenue's electronic tax filing and payment system even easier to use, thanks to a series of enhancements recently made to the program.

The system, called SD QUEST (Quick Easy Secure Tax Filing), allows businesses to file their state sales, use and contractors' excise tax returns and make tax payments over the phone or via the Internet 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The improvements will benefit those taxpayers who choose the Internet option.

The most noticeable changes were made in the City Tax section of the computerized tax return. SD QUEST will now use a Dynamic Web Import function which allows taxpayers to prepare their own spreadsheets listing the applicable city tax codes and net taxable amounts for their businesses and import that file to their electronic tax return.

Previously, the taxpayer would have had to manually enter that information into the return. Another new feature automatically populates the City Tax section with the first 10 city codes used on the taxpayer's last electronically filed return, saving the taxpayer from having to re-enter the same cities. Both features will benefit taxpayers who report sales in a large number of cities that impose municipal taxes.

Gov. Bill Janklow says the improvements will allow taxpayers to make better use of technology in running their businesses.

"The changes in the SD QUEST system are one more example of how we're using technology to make it faster and easier for citizens to get their business done," Gov. Janklow said.

Also added to SD QUEST is a new "save and exit" option which allows users to save what data they have entered so far into the system, then exit and return at a later time to finish filing their return. Previously, once a user logged on to the system, they had to complete their filing in its entirety before logging off. Under the new feature, businesses where one individual prepares the return for approval by another individual can file their return without having both people present at the same time.

The SD QUEST electronic filing and payment system was implemented in 1999 and is a free service to all taxpayers filing and paying state sales, use and contractors' excise taxes. For more information or a SD QUEST application, call the Department of Revenue's toll-free phone center at 1-800-TAX(829)-9188 or visit their Web site at revenue/SDQUEST/.

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