Girl Scouts choose Make A Difference Day Project

Girl Scouts choose Make A Difference Day Project The Vermillion Girl Scouts have chosen to adopt the kindergarten through eighth grade teachers for this year's Make A Difference Day Project. We have asked each teacher at St. Agnes and Vermillion Public to submit a "wish list" of items they would find useful in their classrooms.

The Girl Scouts are collecting supplies needed by the teachers to be presented at a "Teacher Appreciation" event to held during the Vermillion Girl Scouts Fall Festival held on Saturday, Oct. 26, Make A Difference Day. Drop boxes will be located at: Jones, Hy-Vee, Pamida, Choice, Coyote Theater, Vermillion Theater, USD Book & Supply, Barnes and Noble, and the School of Education.

Thanks for helping with our project. If you have any questions please contact Teresa McDowell Johnson 624-5529 or any Girl Scout leader.

We are asking for donations of the following items requested by the teachers:

Stencils and lettering templates for students to use (like used in scrapbooking), stencils of any kind � letters or shapes, stickers, fancy scissors � cut wavy edges, etc., child size scissors, eraser for pencil tops, cardstock paper variety of colors, yarn, book basket to store books in (approx. 11" by 7"), 100 white boards (12" by 12") line paper, pencils #2, colored note cards, pens all colors, dry erase markers, dry erasers, socks to use on white boards to erase, pocket folders with three clasps, lined wide paper with three holes, markers � bold, pastel, neon, multi-culture, modeling clay, foam, pieces of felt, wiggly eyes, third grade level books, cream of tartar, small appliance with screws to dismantle, board games, CD wallets for computer games, dry seeds, beans, fabric for crafts, buttons, glue sticks, dictionaries, thesaurus, three ring binders 1" and 2", size D batteries, small prizes � candy, eraser, pencils, etc., Vis-a'-Vis wet-erase fine point, window clings for decorations, glitter for art, any item for crafts, fine line markers, 3-D paint, jars of rubber cement, napkins, paper cups, children's books, music CD or tape � classical, glitter glue, sticky notes, red and blue erasable pens, used set of encyclopedias � please call Tam at 624-9606, pom-poms, tissue papers, paper plates, colored pencils, flour, Cool Whip or margarine containers, small tools, puzzles (500 piece), clay (Play-Doh), spiral note books, styrofoam meat trays, crayons � metallic, glitter.

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