Hooks and Shots

Hooks and Shots by South Dakota Great Lakes Association As we know, hunting season is in full swing so this will be the final report on fishing in the Missouri River. Contact numbers for fishing reports will be left at the end of this report. If you would like more information on hunting see the 2002 Hunting Handbook or find it online at www.state.sd.us/gfp.

On upper Lake Oahe, fishing is very good. Near Pollock, there are not many anglers on the water but the few that are out are consistently catching fish in the channel breaks. In the Mobridge area, there is a very active walleye bite going.

Walleye are being caught all over the river in shallow water. At Akaska, there have been some trophy walleye being taken. Near Gettysburg, salmon fishing remains good in the bays and walleye are being caught in the Dodge Draw area.

On lower Lake Oahe, anglers work most of the day to catch their walleye. At the face of Oahe Dam, anglers are catching salmon, northern and smallmouth bass. Catfish are being caught in the bays.

On Lake Sharpe, from Pierre to West Bend, there is a fair to good walleye bite going. Anglers are using a jig and minnow in eight to 12 foot of water.

On Lake Francis Case, in the Crow Creek area, anglers are picking up walleye using spinners. In the Pickstown area, walleye and smallmouth bass are being caught in the bays above and below the Ft. Randall Dam. Evening is the best time to catch fish.

On Lewis and Clark Lake, anglers are catching walleye all over the lake. The best areas are around Springfield, Apple Creek, and Deep Water off of Midway.

Contact numbers for fishing reports: Pollock � Jensen's West Pollock Resort at 605-889-2448; Mobridge � Bridge City Bait at 605-845-3132; Gettysburg � South Whitlock at 605-765-9762 or Bob's Resort at 605-765-2500; Pierre/Ft. Pierre � Carl's Bait Shop at 605-223-9453; Chamberlain � Hillside Motel/Allen's at 605-734-5591; Pickstown-Ft. Randall Bait at 605-487-7760; Yankton � Captain Norm's at 605-665-4271.

For information on Missouri River boat ramp sites, visit GFP website at www.state.sd


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