Leave a legacy for your family

Leave a legacy for your family There is a great deal of information available today on how to leave a financial legacy for your family, and there's no doubt that is important. But you can leave another final and very practical legacy for your family by taking the time to record your wishes and tell them where to find your important records and documents. To assist you in getting your house in order, Farm Bureau Financial Services has prepared a personal journal of Wishes and RecordsTM.

The journal is designed to help your survivors, because families experiencing a loss may have difficulty concentrating and often find themselves struggling to make final arrangements and to put paperwork in order. They may even question decisions they are making, asking themselves and each other if their choices are really what their loved one would have wanted. Even when family members feel they are prepared for the eventuality of death because of their loved one's long final illness, decision making may become an almost insurmountable task.

But it's a task that must be handled, and often quickly, regardless of the overwhelming feelings of loss.

You can help your family deal with their loss when you are no longer here in a very practical way by completing a Personal Journal of Wishes and RecordsTM.

The Journal of Wishes and RecordsTM contains information about all your important documents, as well as questions for you to answer. It also contains information regarding resources available to survivors, such as where to call to find out about military benefits and Social Security, as well as other information to help your family during a time of grief. The Personal Journal of Wishes and RecordsTM is provided for you at no cost by Farm Bureau Financial Services.

Though the journal is comprehensive, it is not a replacement for estate and legal counsel. It is a tool you and your family can use to help you provide all the necessary information for your survivors. It's a legacy you can leave for your family, and you can be assured they will be thankful that you took the time to help them in this way. For help in planning to leave a financial legacy for your family and for your free copy of a Personal Journal of Wishes and RecordsTM, contact your local Farm Bureau agent at 605-624-3011 or by e-mail at legacy@fbfs.com.

Farm Bureau Financial Services is a multi-state insurance and investment organization based in West Des Moines, IA. Through an exclusive agency force, the companies that make up the organization underwrite, market and distribute a broad range of life insurance, annuities, mutual funds, and property-casualty insurance products and services to individuals and small businesses within a marketing territory that includes 15 Midwestern and Western states and approximately 700,000 Farm Bureau member families.

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