Letters Slander serves no purpose

To the editor:

The vandals are at it again. Their target is Brendyn Richards. Brendyn, a democrat, is running for state House of Representatives in the 17th district.

On the corner of Dakota and Cherry a three foot by three foot sign had slanderous writing and a picture. This was so offensive that a lady from Sioux Falls took this kind of character assignation serious and found out who Brendyn is before she left town and then addressed this kind of behavior.

North of Vermillion, just signs of Brendyn have been destroyed and in one instance they took a sign and also the posts.

Can this be because Brendyn is well qualified for the position from his training with Tom Daschle's campaigns in two elections and then working with Tim Johnson's campaigns.

Brendyn is working in Yankton at the National Bank as an investment broker. He is a third generation person in Clay County and is well aware of the issues in South Dakota and District 17.

A $100 reward has been offered for information and conviction of anyone destroying any political signs.

This is a great community and district we don't have room for this kind of slander. Thanks for your help.

Berwyn Svoboda


Defacing sign is inexcusable

To the editor:

Recently on a trip through Vermillion I came to the intersection of Cherry and Dakota streets where I came across a large campaign sign by an

individual running for the State House of Representatives named Brendyn Richards.

As I was at the stoplight I noticed that someone had defaced his sign with rude remarks and offensive pictures on both sides. I cannot believe that someone would take the time to deface other people's property like this. I noticed many of Mr. Richards' campaign signs in the area of Vermillion.

I do not know Mr. Richards, but I am appalled that someone would deface a sign that obviously the candidate put a lot of effort into making a part of his campaign.

To the perpetrators of the offensive remarks: "Mr. Rich-ards is doing our state a service by offering his time and effort to run for the legislature, all in the name of serving our state, and helping to make this state a better place, let's start acting with dignity, and as an adult, instead of acting juvenile, petty, and irresponsible."

I was so appalled by the offensive remarks on Mr. Richards' sign that I personally found his home phone number and called to inform him of the condition of his sign, and also to say how sorry I was that someone could do such rude things. Over the past few months our state has had to deal with an overwhelming amount of negative campaigning; let's do our part as adults and civilized people to promote the good aspect of campaigning, not to add to the negative side.

Mr. Brendyn Richards, I want to personally apologize to you for the actions that some people will stoop to, whether it is in "having some fun or playing a joke," or to add onto the top of all the other negative campaigning going on in this state, regardless of the reason, it is inexcusable. As a member of the people of this great state of South Dakota, today I am truly ashamed …

Sincerely, and disappointed,

Peggy Schnepl

Sioux Falls

It's time to update disclosure law

To the editor:

I was interested in the letter written by Jim Larsen in last week's Plain Talk. Although I disagree with many of Jim's opinions, I respect them and am glad to see that our local races are sparking some interest. I do, however, want to take this opportunity to clear up one issue. Jim suggested that I sponsored legislation that would have required candidates to disclose private financial information. The bill I sponsored dealt with campaign finance information. An understandable mistake but a very important difference.

Currently all candidates for state office, except state legislative candidates, must file campaign finance reports with the secretary of state's office several times before the election. Candidates for the state Legislature must only file one report two months after the election. My feeling is that if we are going to hold other candidates to these rules, we must be willing to hold ourselves to the same standard.

With some candidates spending as much as $80,000 on these local state races, I believe that it is time to update the law to include myself and others running for the state Legislature. The more information that people have before election day, the better informed the voters will be.

If re-elected, I will continue to push to open up more information to the public. As always, I encourage Jim, or any other interested citizen to contact me at 624-6178 if there are any questions or concerns that need to be addressed.

State Rep. B.J. Nesselhuf


Elect Begay to U.S. House

To the editor:

Both the Republican and Democratic candidates in our U.S. House race say they support "regime change" in Iraq.

Not much of a choice, is it?

More meddling in the affairs of a foreign nation. The very thing which has earned America the distrust of hatred of much of the world. Ask yourself, "How will military efforts to oust Saddam Hussein make us safer here in South Dakota? How much blood will have to be shed so that big oil companies and their friends in government can feel secure?"

Join me in supporting Mr. Terry Begay, Libertarian, for the U.S. House.

Terry opposes involvement in Iraq and proposes reducing our military presence around the world. Our current failed foreign policy is responsible for many of the problems we face here and abroad. Terry has experienced first hand the suffering inflicted on common people by misguided governmental policies. He supports a federal government which lives within the confines of the U.S. Constitution, not one which makes up the rules as it goes along.

Vote for real change this Nov. 5. Elect Terry Begay, Libertarian, to the U.S. House of Representatives.

Kris Halsey

Yankton Area Libertarians

United Way thanks school board, others

To the editor:

On behalf of the United Way of Vermillion Board of Directors, I would like to express our deepest gratitude to the Vermillion School Board and Vermillion Superintendent of Schools, Bob Mayer, for allowing us to host "The Taste of Vermillion" 2003 United Way Campaign Kick-off at the high school cafeteria on Thursday, Oct. 3. It was an ideal place to hold the kick-off event.

Many people who attended the kick-off commented on what a perfect location it was. We would also like to extend our thanks to high school custodian, Don Donohoe, for his assistance and cheerful co-operation. From all of us to all of you, a great big thank you.

Much of the success of "The Taste of Vermillion" rests with the generous participation of Vermillion's restaurateurs and to Jon Robertson of the Cherry Street Grille for his excellent organization of the food for the evening. Another great big thank you goes out to Jon and his colleagues. Without them, there would be no event.

Barbara Campbell

executive director

United Way of Vermillion

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