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Letters to the Editor Respect the rights of others

To the editor:

I wish to thank the Vermillion Police Department for keeping election signs off the parking between the sidewalk and street, which is city property. Our police are doing a fine job of enforcing the city ordinance.

Taking signs from a yard is a misdemeanor. It is not a harmless prank. Not only is it trespassing, but it is a taking of property. It also amounts to depriving others of their constitutional right of free speech.

Another serious problem that occurs in contested elections is that of harassing or threatening calls at all hours of the day or night. These may be felonies.

If you observe any of these unlawful acts occurring, call our local law enforcement officials. We need to keep our elections clean and respect the rights of others. Hoodlum behavior has no place in our community.

Midge Carlson


Send Clark, Chapman and Schafer to Pierre

To the editor:

One only needs to visit the other cities in South Dakota that have state funded colleges to realize the vast difference between Vermillion and those communities. Brookings, a vibrant growing community has an almost identical demographic profile to Vermillion. Yet to compare the cities, one finds a chasm of difference.

Yet is it the city leaders' fault? No. One needs to approach the state legislative teams to ascertain how there might be a problem. In that each city must work hand in glove with the state for assistance and development, this leaves the importance of developing this city-state relationship to the District 17 legislators.

An interesting sidebar appears in this arena. Judy Clark has been the primary sponsor on more bills in her last tenure than Joe Reedy and B.J. Nesselhuff combined. How does this relate to Vermillion's development? Very simply put, Ms. Clark sits on the appropriations Committee, where she provides input and guidance to those members responsible for funding programs.

She is well respected among the legislators as a professional who has earned an immense amount of trust and confidence. She has the vision and focus to place District 17 and the state ahead of party bias. In short, Judy Clark takes action, sponsors bills that are relevant to the needs to District 17 and focuses on our future.

One of the two bills sponsored by Mr. Nesselhuff, House Bill number 1238, wanted to have all candidates for election to any state or legislative office disclose their financial statements to the secretary of state. In fact he planned on having a failure to disclose become a Class II misdemeanor.

Had this become law, USD President Abbott would have had to adhere to this, disclosing personal information that is confidential and unrelated to running for office. Legislation of this type tends to inhibit quality people from running for public office. This is obviously not in the interest of developing Vermillion and District 17. Mr. Nesselhuff was also excused from voting on the honoring of Gov. Janklow's service to the state of South Dakota.

Mr. Reedy and Mr. Nesselhuff claim to be in favor of education and have made efforts to support this. But where are they when The University of South Dakota needs support? The Small Business Innovative Research program provides the opportunity for faculty and students to interact with businesses on projects for research and development through federal grants and funding. As faculty will tell you, finding funds for this venue is difficult.

Ms. Clark, Mr. Chapman and Ms. Schafer stand together in facilitating access to this program so students and faculty may be able to access new and exciting research projects. This research may gain accolades from peers, generate profits for local businesses and more importantly, help create revenue for The University of South Dakota.

If Mr. Reedy and Mr. Nesselhuff have not provided assistance and support to the USD family on this program by now, where is their plan to do so in the future? The SBIR can be critical in that community and university members work together to create dynamic successes throughout the district and state.

With Ms. Clark residing on the Appropriations Committee, Mr. Chapman's extensive small business experience and Ms. Schafer's life experience as an educator, we will have a team that can facilitate development that is family focused, based upon the needs of our residents and not be determined by the party line.

Vote for the family; the District 17 family and send Judy Clark, Jere Chapman and Donna Schafer to represent our interests in Pierre.

Jim Larsen


Thune believes in South Dakota values

To the editor:

We are all tired of the political ads running on the TV and radio. Facts are distorted and taken out of context. One has to search deeply to find the truth. The only way we South Dakotans can know the difference between the truth and the lies is to look at the voting records in their entirety to see what the candidates have stood for in the past.

My husband and I have had our own small business for the past 20 years. We are members of the NFIB, The National Federation of Independent Business. They go to Congress and fight for small business in our country. Their agenda is the agenda of small business men and women from across the nation.

Throughout the years I have followed the NFIB voting records of John Thune and Tim Johnson. There is a profound difference in their philosophies.

John Thune is for small business in South Dakota. His voting record proves it:

* 105th Congress 100 percent for small business.

* 106th Congress 90 percent for small business.

* 107th Congress 100 percent for small business.

According to his voting record, Tim Johnson is against small business in our state. His voting record also proves it:

* 105th Congress 67 percent against small business.

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against small business.

* 107th Congress 50 percent against small business.

Is it not interesting that his record changes dramatically in an election year?

Our senior senator's record is also against our state's small business men and women.

* 105th Congress 67 percent against small business.

* 106th Congress 91 percent against small business.

* 107th Congress 75 percent against small business.

Both Johnson and Daschle have voted against every small business in South Dakota for years.

There is a vast difference in the philosophy of life held by Republicans and Democrats. Power and control are two issues. Republicans want less government in our lives. They want local control by the people.

Democrats want people to depend on government; therefore government controlling the people, or a few powerful people controlling all the people. Republicans want people to control government.

As Abe Lincoln said, "It is government of the people, by the people, and for the people, so that this nation will not perish from the face of the earth."

John Thune is one of us. He is a strong leader, believes in South Dakota values, and he will take these values to Washington.

Joyce Good


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