Native American Day celebrated at museum

Native American Day celebrated at museum Gwen Young Bear describes the steps that are necessary to create intricate beadwork designs for regalia worn by Native Americans who participate in powwows. "The beadwork for a whole outfit can take from three to six months to finish," she said. "You have to be really, really patient." by David Lias The haunting melodies from Serene Thin Elk's flute echoed in the halls of the the National Music Museum Thursday, in contrast to the bold beat of Melvin Young Bear's drum.

Music, story-telling and little known facts about Indian culture were all part of the Native American Day celebration held at the museum for every fifth grade student in Vermillion.

The event was underwritten by Wells Fargo bank locations in Yankton and Vermillion.

Throughout the day, small groups of students visited five different stations located throughout the museum.

At each station a Native American artist presented an aspect of Native American culture.

Story telling was presented by Jerome Kills Small, regalia was shown by Gwen Young Bear, and traditional foods were served by Delores Necklace.

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