Pumpkin carving party is Oct. 27

Pumpkin carving party is Oct. 27 The friends of the W.H. Over Museum are sponsoring their annual pumpkin carving party on Sunday afternoon, Oct. 27 from 1:30 to 3 p.m. The children will gather in the Discovery Room where they will carve their pumpkins.

While some pumpkins will be available for the children's use, if at all possible, they should bring one with them when they come. There will be several adults present to ensure that we keep our record of no injuries intact.

The children will also participate in several other kinds of Halloween activities which, of course, will include games and candy of all kinds. There may be some more mummy wrapping as we did last year, but we have to see if we have the time to do that.

It is certain that the children will decorate cookies in the holiday theme to enjoy after we finish the pumpkins. We are hoping to have a special group of guests present for the children to enjoy, but those plans are still in the making.

We will work on creating jack-o-lanterns for about an hour and then convene to Sletwold Hall for food and more fun. Children of all ages are welcome. We do request that children 6 and under be accompanied by a parent.

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