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School Comments by Dr. Robert Mayer The Vermillion schools employ the use of five days annually for teacher/administrator inservice. These days are part of the teachers' and administrators' contracts. Two full days of inservice are scheduled at the beginning of the school year with four half-days and one full day during the year.

The activities scheduled during the inservice are designed to provide training for the staff relevant to the district's school improvement plan. During the last two years, that improvement plan has had a double focus: improve writing skills and teaching respect responsibility. A third component to the improvement plan was added this year. The new goal is to improve student performance in math, reading comprehension, reading vocabulary, language skills, listening skills and spelling.

Some of the activities or programs that have been scheduled for staff are: curriculum committee meetings; grade level or department meetings; sessions to analyze test data; sessions on teaching content standards; 6+1 writing skills program; sessions teaching respect and responsibility; technology integration; sessions on teaching children with disabilities; developing positive attitudes; and developing different instructional strategies and practices.

The activities scheduled are chosen by an instruction council composed of teachers and administrators. The schools' director of instruction, Dr. Liz Hogen, is the coordinator of the activities. We invite parents or other citizens to observe these activities. If you are interested in attending contact Dr. Hogen at 677-7000.

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