Tanager cross country team runs at Yankton invitational

Tanager cross country team runs at Yankton invitational by Jim Prosser The schools represented at the Yankton cross country invitational meet Thursday, Sept. 20 included Papillion LaVista, NE, Norfolk, NE and Vermillion with host team Yankton.

There was competition in both girls' and boys' varsity divisions as well as underclass boys and girls. Team points for the girls' varsity division were: Yankton 27; Norfolk 29; Vermillion 80;. There were 65 entries in the division.

First runner across the finish line was Yankton's Kavan Ramsey with a time of 14:40.33. Tanager finishers were: Nikki Mollet (14th); Katarina Gombocz (15th); Katie Dehner (16th); Kayla Nelson (17th) and Morgan Brooks (18th). Sarah Plate and Theresa Ring were 20th and 21st while Kayla Mollet and Megan Bedard each finished the 4000 meter run.

For the 5000 meter run varsity boys team points were: Papillion 25; Yankton 35; Norfolk 65; and Vermillion 108.

Tanager placers were: Justin Manning 13th; Craig Powell 20th; A.J. Manning 24th; Dan Pearson 25; Mitch Bierle 26th; Wilber Lio 27th; Danny Shen 28th; and Tom Dendinger 29th.

In the freshman-sophomore boys' division there were 30 individual entries for the 4000 meter run, with Vermillion placers being Danny Redlin, Bobby Punt, Anish Patel and Rahliegh Tiahrt in the top 20.

There also was a middle school girls' division and Vermillion had four finishers in the 3000 meter run: Emily Renner, Mary Ann Bierle, Meggane Lecates, and Sasheen Thin Elk.

The Vermillion underclass teams were incomplete so their places were not recorded.

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