Tanager freshman football team loses to Brookings

Tanager freshman football team loses to Brookings by Jim Prosser On a cool, brisk, windy Thursday, Oct. 10, the Tanager freshman football team was outscored 44-14 by the Brookings Bobcats whose offense was too much for the smaller visitors.

The home team led in rushing and passing yardage by a large margin in spite of the Tanagers' typical defensive effort and a capable offense.

Individual offensive stats: Cody Hays rushed 13 times for 65 yards; Darrin Martin ran for 34 yards on five carries; and Karlis Baisden carried three times for 10 yards.

Kyle Brunick went five for 11 passing for 72 total yards. ChrisHays caught three for 38 total yards; John Gregg gained 20 yards on one catch and also intercepted a pass while Baisden gained 14 yards on one reception.

Individual defenders: (Key � T = tackle, K = pass breakup, F = fumble recovery, S = QB sack); Hays � 11T, 1S; Baisden � 8T, 1S; Darren Martin � 7T, 1F; Mike Hanson � 8T; Chris Merrigan � 7T; Joe Miller � 8T; Kyle Hubert � 6 T, 1K; Brandon Hanson � 6T, 1K; Brunick, Adam Severson, Ryan Eichelberg each had 6Ts.

Twenty-two defensemen were credited with tackles.

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