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The Bluffs Bulletin Board Men's League names third-round results

The two teams will be playing the singles format, on Thursday Oct. 17 in the third round of the local 2002 Ryder Cup challenge. The pairings follow:

3:45 � Kevin Brown (Stevens) vs. Gary Prosser (Jensen); and Bill Willroth (Stevens) vs. Jon Dimmick (Jensen).

3:52 � Dave Raabe (Stevens) vs. Kurt Kuiper (Jensen); and Jim Frye (Stevens) vs. Jere Chapman (Jensen).

4:00 � Harland Durkin (Stevens) vs. Romney Jones (Jensen); and Justin McVay (Stevens) vs. Michael Allen (Jensen).

4:07 � Jay Hennies (Stevens) vs. Bob Ulrich (Jensen); and Greg Baedke (Stevens) vs. Don Harris (Jensen).

4:15 � Kim Gilkyson (Stevens) vs. Steve Donnelly (Jensen); and Mark Clark (Stevens) vs. Bob Bowker (Jensen).

4:22 � Ross Johnson (Stevens) vs. Ron Johnson (Jensen); and Harlan Schott (Stevens) vs. Dave Christopherson (Jensen).

4:30 � Rick Haught (Stevens) vs. Nick Hovden (Jensen); and Eric Stevens (Stevens) vs. Rusty Jensen (Jensen).

4:45 � Tom Schaack (Stevens) vs. Joe Villalobos (Jensen); and Brian Steele (Stevens) vs. Don Scheidel (Jensen).

Final results will be in next week's Plain Talk. Week one had a total of seven points with them split evenly between the teams (3.5-3.5). Week two had seven points available and the teams split evenly again (3.5-3.5). Score after two rounds: Stevens � 7; Jensen � 7.

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