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The Garden Corner by Sharon Allen While the mechanical method of weed control suits me best, you may feel that you have too many weeds for that method. In that case, applying a broadleaf herbicide on your lawn after the first frost is the most effective. It is also the safest time for garden vegetables, bedding plants, and perennials which can be damaged by any contact with the herbicide.

For more information on weed control, and safe handling of herbicides contact the Clay County Extension office.

I recently attended the state master gardener meeting. Pat Gustaf of Gustaf's Flowers and Gifts in Sioux Falls provided pointers on growing plants indoors.

His suggestions included watering plants with water collected from dehumidifiers, or filling clean plastic jugs with tap water and letting them sit for 24 hours before using. He said most plant deaths result from over fertilizing and over watering. We should wait to fertilize until plants look like they need it.

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