USD launches new marketing campaign

USD launches new marketing campaign by Kristine Chung Simple yet sophisticated. Classy but still modern.

Those phrases describe more than just the students of The University of South Dakota. They also describe a fresh new logo that has been implemented as part of the university's new marketing campaign.

The tagline, or slogan, for the campaign is 2bu. It tells the students that the U has the tools to help them discover their potential, explore their options and prepare for lives of success, accomplishment and service.

The 2bu. tagline was created keeping several core ideas in mind, including students receiving close attention from their professors and smaller class sizes.

The university wanted to show its home to a wide variety of clubs, programs, and organizations as well as a place where young adults go to have fun while getting a higher education.

The modern wired campus offers a place to meet a variety of people as well as a stable educational society.

The U, a letter the school and public has associated as their own, is one of the biggest strengths that the school has right now directly correlating the letter with the state university.

The period that follows the U serves several purposes giving the meaning that it is a final statement as well as a more modern approach by associating the period with the popular dot-com world.

The theme of the new tagline gives off an aura of a much more contemporary look and attitude of an established university.

The 2bu. slogan may seem short and simple, but it's designed to help answer a variety of questions that any future college student may have.

The message serves as a reminder to students that their college experience is all about them. It simply challenges them by saying what U (you) get out of your years at college is solely dependent on what U (you) put in.

One of the most critical points to this slogan is that it leaves an open answer for an extensive audience.

The main goal of this campaign is to get students to take the first step to visit the campus. After that breakthrough step, 60 to 65 percent of students submit an application. Although the slogan isn't directly designed to focus on one state or area, the school does hope to target the Sioux Falls area by getting a 20 percent increase in enrollment.

Michelle Lavallee was hired as part of the new marketing campaign to help apply the strategy to The University of South Dakota community.

As vice president and chief marketing officer, her main job is to find an effective communication approach for all of the audiences that the university touches.

"My career is based on connecting the inside world to the outside world in an effective way," said Lavallee. "I have to help people understand the message and then monitor the success."

The U is currently on a three year branding campaign. During that time, its effectiveness will be measured.

So far the new look has been greatly accepted by the university's community and surrounding areas.

There has been a 20 percent increase in campus visits recently, but it is not known if the new tagline is responsible for that positive trend.

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