VHS volleyball conquers Canton

VHS volleyball conquers Canton by Jim Prosser The Tanager volleyball team rebounded Oct. 13 from its heartbreaking three game loss to EP/J by decimating the C-Hawks from Canton 25-27, 25- 22, 16-25, 25-17, and 22-20 for a long hard session to victory.

The junior varsity suffered another loss, 24-26, 18-25 while the freshman team had a two-game sweep 25-19, 25-22 for a win.

The C team coach, Rachel Stokes, highlighted her team performance.

"We had an all-around great match with good communication, digs, setting,and spikes," she said. Players cited for their play were: Brittney Babb � four aces, Heather Walker � three aces, three kills, 11 digs; Paige Prosser � two kills, seven digs; Michelle Olson � 11 digs; Patricia Merrigan � three kills; and Brittany Campbell � 10 assists.

The C team season record stands at 6-3 .

The junior varsity coach, Mandi Muller, chose to recognize the following players: Jaackie Thomas � three aces, three kills, 11 set assists, 10 digs; Nikki Nelson � two kills; Melissa Olson two kills; Laura Aga � two kills; Kelsie Austin � two kills; Erin Austin � nine digs; and Brittney Babb � two aces.

Head coach Lenni Billberg was pleased with the varsity showing in their win in the Canton match.

"Even though we didn't have our best stuff, we were able to persevere, coming away with the win. Defense is still our weakest link, but by hard work and a little extra sweat the holes will be sealed," she said.

KEY to abbreviations: BA-block assist; BS-block solo; D-digs, K-kills; A-assists; PE-passing efficiency.

The Tanagers were led by Ashley Bjorkman and Colette Joy who had 15 and 10 kills, respectivly, as well as a combined 36 dig total; Dru VanKley � 1.94 PE, two BA, eight K, one ace, 25 D; Whitney Tolsma � nine K, three aces, 23 digs; Annie Carlson � one BS, four K, three aces, 11 D; Ellen Odson � two B, 38 A, one K, six aces, 20 D.

Varsity record is 8-9

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