Wegner is October PRIDE employee

Wegner is October PRIDE employee Connie Wegner, RN was selected as the Sioux Valley Vermillion Medical Center October 2002 PRIDE Employee of the Month. Wegner has been employed at Sioux Valley Vermillion Clinic since November 2001.

"Connie is conscientious in her work. She is respectful of patients needs and privacy. She is dedicated to Sioux Valley Vermillion Clinic. Connie truly understands the meaning of Service Excellence. Connie is willing to take on anything that comes up and does this with a smile. Connie is diligent in her work to take care of the patient first. She is truly an ambassador for Service Excellence," are some of the comments that were made in employee of the month nominations for Wegner.

"Connie has been a great addition to our staff. She is an excellent role model for our PRIDE program and serves as a clinical leader and outstanding care giver in our institution," said John Paulson, chief executive officer.

Wegner and her husband, Robert, reside in Maskell, NE and have two sons.

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