Wellness Fair set Saturday, Nov. 9

Wellness Fair set Saturday, Nov. 9 November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. On Saturday, Nov. 9, at 10 a.m., Dr. Roy Mortinsen, family practice physician of the Sioux Valley Vermillion Clinic will be speaking on the topic "The American Diabetes Association's Updated Guidelines to Promote Better Diabetes Management."

Dr. Mortinsen will be speaking in the lobby of the Sioux Valley Vermillion Clinic. In addition, Sioux Valley will be providing a Wellness Fair open to the public from 9 a.m. to noon. People with diabetes, family members, women with a past history of gestational diabetes, and anyone with slightly high blood sugar levels or impaired glucose intolerance or people with a strong family history of diabetes are urged to attend. Sioux Valley Vermillion Medical Center is offering screenings for blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, stress screening, foot exams for diabetic neuropathy, body mass index, body fat percent and caloric requirements. The cholesterol screening cost is $14, all other screenings are free of charge.

There will also be vendor demonstration of new products for diabetics, many educational opportunities and free information regarding nutrition and exercise. "Ask a Pharmacist" will be featured and many other professionals will be available to answer questions. There will be activities for kids to learn about diabetes and health.

Snacks and door prizes will be available. Call Marsha Thompson, RN at 624-2611, ext. 482 for information.

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