Clubs Card players gather at senior center

We escaped the ice that was in the northern part of the state so there was nothing to keep 25 pitch, four pinochle and 21 bridge players from gathering at the Senior Citizens Center Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 16.

Bridge winners were Marlys Miller, first; Veronica Heimes, second; Howard Melstad, blind bogey; and Monica Ballard, low.

Refreshments were furnished by Leona Kryger and Marilyn Siecke.

Men and Women are welcome every Wednesday afternoon. No reservations are needed.

Civic Council will distribute cheer plates

Member representatives and past presidents of the Vermillion Civic Council met on Monday, Nov. 4, at the Senior Citizens Center for their monthly meeting. Seventeen of the 25 members were present.

Requests approved were for: a new refrigerator at the Food Pantry, advertising in the Vermillion High School yearbook, and the Vermillion Ministerial Association.

Cheer plates will be distributed on Saturday, Dec. 21. Member organizations provide homemade cookies and candies for these plates of cheer. Last year approximately 225 Vermillion residents were recipients.

Organizations who will provide volunteer workers at the store in December are: Clay County Historical Society, Senior Citizens Center, and Trinity Lutheran Church.

Our next meeting is Monday, Dec. 2, at the Austin-Whittemore House.

Lyman presides over Eastern Star

The regular meeting of Eastern Star, Juno #44, was held Monday, Nov. 11 at 7:30 p.m. with Susan Lyman, worthy matron, presiding. Alvina Morse was presented her 50-year pin by Sondra Stickney. Alvina's two daughters, Myra Honomichl and Jan Peterson also attended the presentation.

The honor station this year was chaplain, and Cal Rosenbaum was presented and honored and given a red carnation. All previous chaplains were also honored and each given a red carnation.

The election of officers for next year was held as follows: Worthy Matron Sigrid Nissen, Worthy Patron Duane Peterson, Associate Matron Grace Bick, Associate Patron Cal Rosenbaum, Secretary Vera Emerson, Treasurer Jean Ann Prosser, Conductress Susan Lyman, and Associate Conductress Fran Moore.

This month's out-to-lunch for Star members will be Thursday, Nov. 21 at noon at Toby's.

Lunch was served by Phyllis and Jack Noble and Cal Rosenbaum.

Rotarians game for gamelan music

The Vermillion Rotary Club was temporarily transformed into a gamelan orchestra at its Tuesday luncheon meeting, thanks to the talents of Rotarian Debbie Reeves, a music educator at the National Music Museum in Vermillion.

A gamelan, she explained, is an Indonesian orchestra consisting chiefly of percussion instruments, such as gongs, xylophones and drums. Other instruments often included in a gamelan ensemble include stringed instruments, flutes, and cymbals.

Formal names of the instruments include saron (bronze xylophone), bonang (small brass pot), kenong (big brass pot), kempul (small gong) and kethuk (flat single pot).

There are two types of gamelan � slendro and pelog. The pelog version, which consists of seven pitches, originated more recently than the slendro, which only has five notes.

"The gamelan originally existed in the development of the theatre," she said. "Its main function historically was to accompany religious rites and dances."

The University of South Dakota has its own gamelan ensemble, and that ensemble has a unique sound.

"No two gamelans are played exactly alike," Reeves said. "Each instrument is tuned to be 'out of tune' with the other instruments in the gamelan."

Guests at Tuesday's luncheon meeting were City Manager Jim Patrick, Tom Sorenson, and Vermillion High School seniors Melissa Delosier, Tom Dendinger, Megan Deaver and Jonathan Donald.

Vermillion Beautiful plans for 2003

Vermillion Beautiful, Inc., met Nov. 14 at the Austin-Whittemore House. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved as was the treasurer's report.

Old Business: Judy Clark, president, reported that the fall clean-up and tree planting on Sept. 28 went well as did the clearing of the flowers on Oct. 26. The group is grateful Jim Patrick, city manager, arranged to have a city truck and worker available on Oct. 26 to pick up the downtown flowers. Cleo Erickson, our corresponding secretary, will write a thank you. There is a community service worker available to help with clearing the dead flowers along Cherry Street. This will be done Nov. 15.

Sandy Dickinson agreed to be the editor of a newsletter for Vermillion Beautiful, Inc. Plans are to have the first issue come out in January. We hope to reprint an article from the 1916 Vermillion Plain Talk which tells about a City Improvement League. Its goals were similar to ours.

However, there was an appointed advisory board made up of one or two members from each ward. The article started by saying: "Swat that dandelion! Clean Up! Make Your House and City Liveable!"

New Business: The group discussed bids received for 2003 plantings. If sufficient money can be raised, we will buy larger plants so they are more colorful earlier in the season.

Discussion then turned to the following: (1) The possibility of planting more trees like the small amur maples in a few places on the south side of Main Street. (2) Ground covers for beds where trees are located. (3) Pocket parks in the closed alley by Olivia's Ice Cream Shop and by the mural on the corner of Market and Main. The placement of benches here and in other places along Main Street would fit in with Vermillion's future plans of having the downtown a place to congregate.

There will be a short meeting on Dec. 12 at 7 p.m. to discuss bids for next year's flowers.

Please consider joining Vermillion Beautiful, Inc. The group's goals are to make our city more attractive.

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